XCD 2,5/25V - FAQ

What is a leaf shutter? How does it work?

The leaf shutter is built into the lens structure. Its most significant advantage is that it can achieve flash synchronisation at all speeds (e.g., flash sync speed of up to 1/4000s). This helps capture fast-moving subjects when a flash is used and is also helpful for wide-aperture portraits in strong lighting conditions or outdoors.

For cameras with a focal-plane shutter, when using flash, the shutter speed is limited to 1/125s or 1/250s, posing restrictions for creativity. Due to the special design of the leaf shutter, it generates significantly reduced vibration when triggered, efficiently producing quality shots.

Why does the leaf shutter sound of the XCD 2,5/25V lens seem louder than those of the XCD 2,5/38V and XCD 2,5/55V lenses?

XCD 2,5/25V features Hasselblad's proprietary large-diameter, high-speed shutter, which has an aperture area that is 2.44 times larger than that of XCD 2,5/55V. Additionally, this shutter can achieve a maximum speed of 1/4000s, which is one stop faster than XCD 2,5/55V's maximum shutter speed of 1/2000s. Therefore, XCD 2,5/25V generates more energy when the shutter closes, resulting in a louder sound and more noticeable vibration. However, these vibrations do not affect image quality.

Does the XCD 2,5/25V lens support full MF?

Yes. Full-time manual focus is always available. Adjust the focus ring at any time, regardless of whether you use AF or MF mode.

What functions can I customise for the control ring on the XCD 2,5/25V lens?

You can set the function of the control ring to N/A, ISO, aperture, shutter, face switching, or exposure compensation.

How do I correct lens distortions?

Distortions can be corrected in Phocus or other image-processing software for more accurate optical effects. The camera itself does not support lens correction.

What is the equivalent focal length of the XCD 2,5/25V lens?

The equivalent focal length is approximately 20mm.

What is the optical structure of the XCD 2,5/25V lens?

Thirteen elements in ten groups, including four aspherical elements and three ED elements.

What focus motor does the XCD 2,5/25V lens use?

A linear stepping motor.

What is the focus type of the XCD 2,5/25V lens?

Internal focusing.

What are the weight and size of the XCD 2,5/25V lens?

XCD 2,5/25V weighs 592g and measures 75 x 105mm. For more details, refer to the datasheet.

What is the filter diameter of the XCD 2,5/25V lens?

XCD 2,5/25V adopts a filter thread with a diameter of 72mm, which supports installing all types of 72mm-diameter filters.

What is the ingress protection rating of the XCD 2,5/25V lens?

XCD 2,5/25V includes some sealing at the seams, but it is not rated for dust or water resistance. It is recommended to avoid using this lens in dusty or wet conditions.

How is the close-up capability of the XCD 2,5/25V lens?

The minimum focusing distance of XCD 2,5/25V is 25cm (measured from the image plane), with a maximum image scale of 1:5.8.