H System

The highly professional H System represents the ultimate in image quality and resolution with 50, 100 and 400-megapixel solutions. A completely modular design, H System cameras can be easily combined with multiple accessories, lenses, and backs, offering flexibility and convenience for a range of photographic needs.

H6D-100c | H6D-50c

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The H6D-400c MS delivers Hasselblad's highest resolution and most colour accurate medium format images today. Its 400MP image output coupled with real RGB colour data for each pixel captures every subtle nuance of the subject.

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The H6X camera body is fully compatible with all H System Lenses, can be used with a film magazine and offers H5X functionality with 3rd party digital backs.

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The Hasselblad 100c digital back is built to function with technical and view cameras, offering an outstanding level of resolution, flexibility, and colour quality.

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HC/HCD Lenses

A camera as fast and versatile as an H System model demands the very best from its lenses, and that's what we've produced. All HC and HCD lenses are engineered to ensure optimal performance and image quality, whether using film or digital.

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H System Accessories

Each one of the specially designed H accessories – including Release Cord H, Tilt and Shift Adapter, and the Converter H 1.7x – plays its part in producing the finest images possible.

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Update your H System camera with the latest firmware.

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