What’s New

Added Focus Bracketing

Added picker tool to set the white balance manually

Added Focus Peaking for MF Assist

Added Crop Modes

Select from various cropping ratios as well as set the mask opacity in the Crop Modes settings

Added histogram overlay in Live View

Supported to switch between 9 View Mode and 25 View Mode in Browse Mode

Supported to delete images in batches in 9 View Mode or 25 View Mode

Tap and hold the image on the screen or press the delete button on the camera body to enter batch delete mode, select multiple images, and delete

  • Added horizontal and vertical stabilisation options in the Stabilisation Mode settings
  • Added sound prompt for Self-Timer
  • Added Touch AF. When enabled in the Focus settings, users can tap the touch screen to start autofocus
  • Supported to set the colour temperature and tint manually in Live View
  • Enhanced image quality in Live View in weak lighting conditions
  • Improved light metering performance by 3EV in weak lighting conditions
  • Optimised focusing performance
  • Reduced the image size in the JPG format to around 40MB