XPan Lens Adapter

This compact sized adapter allows XPan Lenses to be used on X System and 907X cameras. Although the XPan Lenses have been discontinued, they were available in the following focal lengths: 30mm; 45mm; 90mm.

The slim line adapter only adds 21.4mm to the length of the lenses and weighing in at 112g, it keeps with the compact, lightweight design philosophy of the Hasselblad mirrorless camera system. When using the XPan lenses, both aperture and focusing are controlled manually in the lens. Also, as the lenses have no built-in shutter, the camera's electronic shutter must be used to capture images.


The XPan Lenses were originally designed for film use and may show a slight loss of edge sharpness in some cases. This is caused by the IR filter and sensor cover glass now being included in the light path. Stopping the lens down will improve its performance.