Hasselblad Masters 2023 - FAQ

Can I enter with images shot using a non-Hasselblad camera?
Yes. You can participate with shots taken by any digital or film camera, regardless of brand or frame size (excluding drones, smartphones, and tablet cameras).
Are drone-captured submissions allowed?
Are there any restrictions on the date I took or edited my submitted images?
There are no date restrictions on when you took your submission.
I have participated in a Hasselblad Masters competition before and did not win; can I still participate in the competition this year?
Yes, however, we recommend submitting new images to increase the chances of being selected.
Can I submit images that have won awards in other photography competitions?
No. Images that make it to the finals will be rigorously vetted, and any detection of past awarded images will lead to disqualification.
Can I add a watermark to my images?
No. Submitted images should not contain any form of watermark or signature to ensure fairness in the evaluation.
For a single category, can I submit just one image?
No, you must submit a set of three images. All three images must represent the category's theme and maintain stylistic consistency.
Can I submit multiple sets of images within the same category?
No. Only one set of three images that fits the category's theme can be submitted. However, you may resubmit an image during the submission period, in which case the jury will consider your latest submission.
Can I submit images for all competition categories?
Yes. However, the same images cannot be submitted across multiple categories. For example, images submitted in the Portrait category cannot be resubmitted under a different category.
Are there any differences in evaluation criteria between submissions from individuals and those recommended by organizations/institutions?
No. We regard all submissions equally. In order to keep the evaluation process fair and impartial, the jury will not be aware if a submission is from an individual or an organization/institution.
What do photographers recommended by organizations/institutions receive if awarded? What do the organizations/institutions receive?
Winning photographers will be awarded the title of "Hasselblad Master" along with prizes. The photography organizations/institutions will receive official support from Hasselblad, including showcasing their name on the official website, social media, and equipment sponsorship.
What are the restrictions on file format, size, resolution, and aspect ratio for competition submissions?
Every image should be submitted as a JPG, less than 10MB, with a resolution of 300dpi or higher. The longest side of the image should be 1000 pixels or longer.
What are the copyright requirements for the entries?
(1) The image must be original and must not use any material without copyright or infringe upon third-party rights. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Once discovered, it will lead to disqualification, and the uploader will bear all legal responsibilities. (2) The individual or organization/institution that uploads the competition image must bear all copyright responsibilities for the image. The host is not responsible for legal liabilities, including but not limited to copyright, trademark rights, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, and other disputes. The legal liabilities should be borne by the contestants themselves or their photographic organization/institution.
Can I submit my image via email?
No. We only accept submissions through the official Hasselblad website and the 500px website. After the submission deadline, we will no longer respond to emails inquiring about participation eligibility.
What should I do if I missed the submission deadline?
Unfortunately, entries received after 24:00, February 29, 2024 CEST will be ineligible for the competition.
How can I find out the results of the competition?
The results will be announced on the official Hasselblad website and Hasselblad's official platforms on June 26, 2024. Masters winners will also be contacted via the email provided during their submission.
How do I consult if I have any questions regarding the competition?
Please reach out to customersupport@hasselblad.com. For any additional questions regarding the Hasselblad Masters competition.