Hasselblad Masters 2021

Rules and Terms

Victor Hasselblad Aktiebolag, a company registered in Sweden, and with its principal place of business at P. O. Box 220, 410 23 Gothenburg, Sweden (“Hasselblad” or the “Organizer”) is organizing the “Hasselblad Masters Contest 2021” (the “Contest”). No purchase necessary to enter or win.


1.     Who can enter?

1.1.     The Hasselblad Masters Contest is open to all photographers who have been active professionals* for more than three years and who are using digital cameras of at least 16 megapixels, by drone camera or film cameras, regardless of brand and format, but excluding Smartphone and tablet cameras. The Project//21 category is open to all photographers under the age of 21.

1.2.     No employee of Hasselblad and their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, sales representatives, distributors, manufacturers, licensees or agents and their immediate family members, are eligible to participate in this Contest. Hasselblad will have the final say on entry eligibility.

* The Project//21 category is an exception. Project//21 is open to all amateur photographers, students, assistants and young professionals 21 years old and under at the close of the competition submission period. Proof of age will be required.

2.     How to enter

2.1.     A person satisfying all requirements set out in these Terms and Conditions ("Entrant") may enter the Contest by submitting an entry ("Entry") in the following format and in accordance with all Contest rules including those set out in these Terms and Conditions.

2.2.     Entry admissions open at 13:00 CEST on 14 April 2021 and close at 23:59 CEST on 31 July 2021. Entries received after 23:59 CEST on 31st July 2021 will be ineligible for the Contest.

2.3.     Fill in the online entry form and then click on the “Upload your entry” link to submit the images (“Images”).

2.4.     Each Entry must consist of three (3) photos in each category that you wish to enter, and you’re allowed to enter as many categories as you like, with each Entry judged on the three submitted Images in that category. The three Images do not have to form a set or series – just three images that fit the nature of the category and best showcase your skill and creativity.

2.5.     For Entrants who are minors at the time of entering the Contest, his/her parent or lawful guardian must agree to the participation of the Entrant and read and accept these Terms and Conditions.

2.6.     Hasselblad reserves the right to request an Entrant to provide his/her proof of identity or other information.

2.7.     The Entrant warrants and represents that he/she has fulfilled and will fulfil all of the following requirements:

2.7.1.    Comply with all rules and requirements set out in these Terms and Conditions;

2.7.2.    All data provided for purposes of entering into the Contest is true and accurate;

2.7.3.    All Entries of the Entrant comply with the entry requirements and rules set out in these Terms and Conditions;

2.7.4.    The Entrant is the sole owner of all Intellectual Property rights in all Entries of the Entrant and/or he/she has the license rights, consents, and permissions necessary for submitting the Entry. None of the Entry(ies) of the Entrant infringes any Intellectual Property right or any other right of any person or entity;

2.7.5.    All persons featured, named, or described in any Entry have granted consent and permission to the Entrant to be so featured, named, or described and have granted consent and permission for the Entry to be submitted for participating in the Contest and for all uses by Hasselblad pursuant to these Terms and Conditions;

2.7.6.    The Entrant has full power and authority to participate in the Contest and submit the Entry and that by doing so the Entrant is not breaching any agreement or applicable laws and regulations to which the Entrant is subject.

3.     Categories

There are 12 categories in the Contest:

3.1.     Aerial

The aerial category is for photographs taken from an elevated position not supported by a ground-based structure. Evidence of conformity may be requested.

3.2.     Art

High-quality fine-art images that have been created by an individual to fulfil their creative vision.

3.3.     Landscape/Nature

Photographs that capture the beauty of the natural world in all its forms, from stunning landscapes to perfectly executed images of flora and fauna.

3.4.     Wedding

This category is open to Entrants capturing outstanding images of any aspect of a wedding in styles that range from the traditional to the more individual approach.

3.5.     Portrait

A wide-open category that covers any photography of the human form, ranging from full-length studies to head and shoulders and close-ups, with the emphasis on creativity.

3.6.     Beauty & Fashion

The creativity, craftsmanship and personal expression of the fashion and beauty world is covered by this category, and we’re looking for some inventive and exciting work that truly reflects the dynamism of this sector.

3.7.     Product

Here the definition of product is as far ranging as the Entrant wants to make it, with subjects ranging from cars to food or packaging being equally eligible, while the brief could be a commercial one or self-set.

3.8.     Architecture

With every type of building from the grand to the humble being open to Entrants, we’re looking for an imaginative interpretation of the architectural theme.

3.9.     Wildlife

A wide-open category that covers all forms of wildlife, from huge to tiny animals. Our only stipulation is that images depict living creatures, that have not been harmed or stressed in the capturing of the images, and any entries showing stuffed or dead animals will be automatically excluded.

3.10.  Project//21

Project//21 is a general photographic category open to all amateur photographers, students, assistants and young professionals 21 years old and under at the close of the competition submission period. Proof of age will be required.

3.11.  Street/Urban

The category here is the realism of the genre; not just gritty street photography, but also the city itself (and its life) and the people who live in it

3.12.  Heritage (New for 2021)

For 80 years, Hasselblad cameras have captured numerous photographs that have become known as classic, iconic images, and therefore, are part of our heritage. NASA; space; 500C; Victor & Erna Hasselblad; Scandinavian design; legendary photographers and the faces of history they’ve documented – these words are all part of our Swedish heritage. To commemorate Hasselblad’s 80th anniversary with this new category, use your creativity to show us your photographs that celebrate our heritage. Gain inspiration by visiting our history section at https://www.hasselblad.com/inspiration/history/.

4.     Image Requirements and Rules

4.1.     An eligible Entrant is entitled to enter any all 12 categories and such Entrant should upload three (3) Images for each category when submitting an Entry.

4.2.     Submissions of Images must be made digitally, regardless of capture form. Only JPEG files smaller than ten (10) MB will be accepted. All files should include full EXIF/ Metadata.

4.3.     To be eligible, the Images must be shot using either a digital system, minimum of 16 megapixels (but excluding smartphones and tablets), or they can be scanned 35mm, medium format or large format film.

4.4.     The Entrant agrees that the Images:

4.4.1.    Must be the Entrant's original and sole work and not based in whole or in part on or copied from the work of any other person or entity;

4.4.2.    Must not infringe any Intellectual Property rights (including but not limited to patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.), moral right, privacy right, right of publicity, and/or any other rights of any person or entity;

4.4.3.    Must not contain any material which the Entrant does not have permission, right, or license to use. An Entrant must hold all rights to the photographs submitted, including model releases, and any other rights associated with the shoot;

4.4.4.    Must notify the permission of the creation of the Images within the description of the Images if a permission is needed;

4.4.5.    Must not contain or link to any pornographic, sexually explicit, obscene or indecent content; any private or confidential information or reveal personal information belonging to others or other sensitive information; unlawful, harmful, threatening, harassing, personal attack, defamatory, libellous, tortious, misleading or any otherwise objectionable content; and/or hate speech intended to stereotype a particular gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

4.5.     Hasselblad has the sole discretion and final decision in determining whether any Entry submitted by an Entrant should be disqualified from the Contest and/or removed from the Contest Website.

4.6.     Without prejudice to any other rights of Hasselblad, Hasselblad shall, at any stage of the Contest and in its sole discretion, have the right to disqualify, without notice, any person and his/her Entry(ies) if Hasselblad believes that such Entrant and/or Entry does not meet the requirements of a qualified Entrant and/or Entry or such person has breached any of these Terms and Conditions, violated the relevant laws and regulations of the shooting location, submitted any invalid, incorrect, inaccurate and/or insufficient information in relation to the Contest, or tampered with the entry process.

4.7.     The Entrant grants Hasselblad the right to use the Images in finalist exhibitions and online activities, which include and not limited to press articles, Hasselblad publications, Hasselblad social media channels and website news.

5.     Judges & Jury

Hasselblad Masters are carefully selected by three juries – the Hasselblad Internal Jury, the Hasselblad Public Jury and the Hasselblad Grand Jury.

5.1.     Hasselblad Internal Jury

This jury consists of Hasselblad employees who are experts in the field of photography and cameras. The task of this jury is to select the 120 Hasselblad Masters finalists (the top 10 in each of the 12 categories) through an internal voting system.

5.2.     Hasselblad Public Jury

The Hasselblad Public Jury will identify a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Entry from each category. These selected Entries will then score points towards the ‘Hasselblad Masters Jury’ vote, with the Hasselblad Public Jury therefore effectively acting as a ‘seat’ on the main jury. The Hasselblad Public Jury votes are placed using a rating system where each public individual can award 1, 2 or 3 stars to an Image in each category. It is not possible to vote more than once on an Image, and once the total of 6 allotted stars are used up, that image category is considered closed, and the voter can move on to the next category. It is not mandatory to vote in all 12 categories. Individuals wishing to vote must have a login account for the Hasselblad website and be logged in, with accounts restricted to one set of votes in each category, so to eliminate multiple votes from the same individuals. Hasselblad reserves the right to overrule the public vote if it suspects foul play or an untrustworthy result.

5.3.     Hasselblad Grand Jury

The Hasselblad Grand Jury features the industry’s most respected photographers, established editors and industry experts, along with previous winners of the Hasselblad Masters Contest. Together they constitute the majority of the votes and use the same star rating system as the Public Jury. Once the Grand Jury has completed their votes, the result of the Public Jury is added and the winners for each of the 12 categories are announced.

6.     Prizes

6.1.     Winners (“Hasselblad Master(s)”) of the Contest will be decided by Hasselblad and the juries. All prize winner(s) must respond to Hasselblad within five working days upon the receipt of the notice of Hasselblad to accept the prize(s) and title given. Failure to do so will result in automatic forfeiture of the prize(s) and the title given, which Hasselblad has sole discretion to award to another Entrant.

6.2.     Each winner earns a title of “Hasselblad Master”. They will also receive a medium format mirrorless Hasselblad camera to keep. The Hasselblad Master is required to shoot for a collaborative project with Hasselblad. The project will be published in the commemorative Hasselblad Masters book as well as digitally on all Hasselblad digital and print channels.

6.3.     Hasselblad reserves the right to change the prize(s) subject to availability. Hasselblad has the sole and final discretion as to the total number of Hasselblad Master(s) and prize(s) to be awarded in this Contest.

6.4.     Hasselblad may rescind the prize(s) and title given if the Entrant or Entry is subsequently found to have violated these Terms and Conditions.

6.5.     Any prize, award, benefit, item, or material a Hasselblad Master receives from Hasselblad or its affiliates, agents, representatives, or business partners, may be taxable in the Hasselblad Master’s jurisdiction. Hasselblad Masters are solely responsible for paying income and other taxes for prizes, awards, benefits, items, or other materials.

7.      Hasselblad Masters

7.1.     The Entrant agrees that Hasselblad may publish, display and show the Images of the Hasselblad Masters across digital and print platforms, including not limited to, on Hasselblad’s websites, by mail, by email, by a worldwide press release, and in other Hasselblad Publications. Such Images may also be presented at exhibitions around the world, be featured in Hasselblad advertising, marketing and promotions, and be printed in the Hasselblad Masters Book Vol. 7. Each usage will always credit the Entrant appropriately.

7.2.     The Hasselblad Master is entitled to freely market him or herself as a Hasselblad Master. The Hasselblad Master title, however, may not be used by the Photographer – directly or indirectly – by any means in connection with the marketing of any form of products or service.

7.3.     The Hasselblad Master, in the period of 12 months following the awards presentation and book launch of the Contest, will attend up to four (4) Hasselblad, or Hasselblad sponsored, events at Hasselblad’s request. Suitable notice will be given where possible, and any reasonable travel expenses covered, for such occasions.

7.4.     The Hasselblad Master agrees that the winning Images, once announced as winning Images, may not be used to enter any other photographic competitions without the prior written approval of Hasselblad.

7.5.     Hasselblad Masters Book

7.5.1.    Hasselblad will publish a high-quality photo book (the “Hasselblad Master Book”) containing a special feature on each of the twelve Hasselblad Masters together with a selection of Images to be taken by each of the Hasselblad Masters using the won Hasselblad camera (the “Book Images”).

7.5.2.    For the purpose of taking the Book Images with the won Hasselblad camera, Hasselblad will offer each Hasselblad Master the possibility to loan, free of charge, additional lenses (together the “Equipment”).

7.5.3.    The Hasselblad Master agrees to provide Hasselblad with at least 10-20 (Themed) Book Images (taken using the Equipment) within the same category as him/herself was awarded as a Hasselblad Master. The theme for the Book Images needs to be discussed and approved by Hasselblad in advance of shooting. Apart from these requirements, the Hasselblad Master shall enjoy artistic freedom in respect to the Book Images.

7.5.4.    If the Book Images are taken with cameras other than the Equipment provided by Hasselblad, the Hasselblad Master will be excluded from the Hasselblad Masters Awards and will lose any and all benefits from this Contest and Hasselblad Master Programme.

7.5.5.    The Hasselblad Master acknowledges and agrees that Hasselblad is entitled to determine in which ways, whether commercial or non-commercial, to market, distribute and/or sell the Hasselblad Master Book in its sole discretion. The Hasselblad Master will receive 5 free copies of the Hasselblad Master Book to be used at the Hasselblad Master’s discretion.

7.6.     Masters Images

7.6.1.    The Hasselblad Master agree to provide Hasselblad with one (1) image to be produced in conjunction with a marketing/advertising campaign to be defined at a later date (“Masters Images”). This image will be produced in accordance with a creative brief from the Hasselblad marketing department. A special project budget to cover external costs (model, styling, etc.) will be arranged if so required.

7.6.2.    The Hasselblad Master will also provide Hasselblad with one (1) profile portrait to be used for marketing/advertising purposes. In addition, the Hasselblad Master agrees to pose for an additional portrait if Hasselblad so requires.

7.7.     Masters Video

At Hasselblad’s request, the Hasselblad Master agrees to participate in a Masters Documentary video (“Masters Video”), which is to be used for promotional purposes. This video will either be produced by Hasselblad or the Hasselblad Masters at Hasselblad’s discretion. Production costs and editing will be covered by Hasselblad.

7.8.     Hasselblad retains the right to not use any image or video provided by the Hasselblad Masters that is in any way not comply with these Terms and Conditions or conflicting with Hasselblad’s aesthetic or ethical standards.

7.9.     The Hasselblad Master agrees not to use or make public in any way any of the Book Images, Masters Images, Masters Video and the self-portrait provided by the Hasselblad Master (altogether as the “Works”) prior to the Hasselblad Masters Awards and/or publishing of the Hasselblad Book and/or relevant campaign, whichever comes soonest, and for one month thereafter.

7.10.  The Hasselblad Master agrees not to use the Works commercially (for sale, to endorse other brands or products, or license through stock libraries) unless Hasselblad has given their prior written approval.

8.      Grant of Rights

8.1.     BY ENTERING INTO THE CONTEST AND SUBMITTING AN ENTRY, EACH ENTRANT HEREBY GRANTS TO HASSELBLAD AND ITS AFFILIATES, AND HASSELBLAD AND THE AFFILIATES HEREBY ACCEPTS, A NON-EXCLUSIVE, IRREVOCABLE, ROYALTY-FREE, WORLDWIDE, PERPETUAL, SUB-LICENSABLE AND TRANSFERABLE LICENSE TO USE AND EXPLOIT THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS SUBSISTING IN HIS/HER RESPECTIVE ENTRY(IES). The license under this provision shall provide to Hasselblad, its affiliates, and its transferees and sublicensees, to the extent transferred and sublicensed by Hasselblad, the right to edit, publish, print, use, adapt, translate, exploit, modify, include in a compilation, copy, disseminate, dispose of, load onto its server, broadcast and/or transmit each Entrant's Image(s) for advertising, promotional, display and/or publicity purposes, and to use the Image(s) for any and all purposes connected with the Contest and the brand and products of Hasselblad without any compensation for, further permission by, or notification to the Entrant.

8.2.     FOR THE WORKS AND THE WINNING IMAGES, THE HASSELBLAD MASTER GRANTS HASSELBLAD, ITS AFFILIATES A PERPETUAL, NON-EXCLUSIVE, NON-SUBLICENSABLE, NON-TRANSFERRABLE, WORLD-WIDE, ROYALTY-FREE RIGHT AND LICENSE TO REPRODUCE, COMPILE, MODIFY AND PREPARE DERIVATIVE WORKS. This also includes the right to publish, display, distribute, broadcast, transmit, and otherwise use the deliverables in whole or in part for pictures, videos, advertisements, and/or promotions. Hasselblad and its affiliates, and its transferees and sublicensees, also have the right to use the Hasselblad Master’s Works and  Image(s) for any media and/or media outreach, including without limitation, online, mobile, public relations exhibitions, performances, retail establishments, industrial and/or promotional events uses, newsletters, calendars, magazines, the Hasselblad Book posters and postcards, brochures, product catalogues, slides, print media uses, out-of-home advertising, public or private transportation, video editing software and sharing tools, television, theatrical, home video formats, mobile applications, and commercial use without any compensation for, further permission by, or notification to the Hasselblad Master.

8.3.     The Photographer may not use or make public in any way any of the Works prior to the awards ceremony and/or publishing of the Hasselblad Book and/or relevant campaign, whichever comes soonest, and for one month thereafter.

9.      Representation and Warranty

The Hasselblad Master represents and warrants that:

9.1.     Any of the Works provided by the Hasselblad Master complies with Section 4.4 of these Terms and Conditions;

9.2.     All Works are taken using only the Equipment;

9.3.     He or she will comply with any and all applicable laws and regulations in shooting, providing and licensing the Images and Works;

9.4.     He or she is not bound by any restriction, agreement or obligation towards any other manufacturer of photographic equipment which could conflict with the rights granted to Hasselblad under these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to the license the Images and the Works, and the undertaking to loan and use the Equipment;

9.5.     He or she will conduct him/herself with loyalty towards Hasselblad, its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents and other partners, and conduct him/herself in accordance with the highest ethical standards and not become in any way with activities that may in the public opinion diminishes him/her status as a respected representative of the photographic profession; and

9.6.     If the Hasselblad Master becomes aware of any infringement pertaining to the Images or the Works, he or she will promptly notify Hasselblad and provides all details within his/her best knowledge.

10.   Indemnity


10.2.  In the event of any claim or suit brought against the Hasselblad Masters alleging an infringement in respect of the Images and/or the Works, Hasselblad has the sole right to determine whether to control the defence and settlement of such claim or suit. The Hasselblad Master must cooperate with Hasselblad in the investigation of any alleged claim or suit mentioned above and must not make any payment or incur any expense with respect to any claim or suit without the prior written consent of Hasselblad.

11.   Disclaimer

11.1.  Each Entrant agrees that he/she enters and participates in the Contest and the Hasselblad Masters Programme at his/her sole risk. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Hasselblad makes no warranties or representations of any kind regarding the Contest and the prize(s), all of which are provided on an "As Is" basis. Hasselblad expressly disclaims all warranties including all implied terms and conditions as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and use of care and skill, to the fullest extent permitted by law. Hasselblad assumes no liability or responsibility for:

11.1.1. any errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies in running the Contest and the Hasselblad Masters Programme;

11.1.2. any personal injury or property damage of any nature resulting from creating Entries or the Works, or participating in the Contest and the Hasselblad Masters Programme; or

11.1.3. any unauthorized access to or use of an Entry or a Work.

11.2.  Hasselblad does not accept responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft, destruction, alteration of, unauthorized access to Entries, or Entries lost or delayed whether or not arising during operation or transmission as a result of server malfunctions, computer viruses, system vulnerabilities, or other causes.

11.3.  Hasselblad accepts no responsibility for late, lost, or misdirected Entries during the online submission process. Hasselblad does not provide any confidentiality of the Entries, regardless of whether such Entries are published or not, or as to the identity of an Entrant. An Entrant shall be solely responsible for his/her Entries and the consequences of submitting them for the Contest.

11.4.  Without limitation, Entrants acknowledge and agree that neither Hasselblad nor any of its directors, officers, employees or representatives will be liable to an Entrant or to any of the Entrant's family or any third parties for any loss or damage whatsoever, including without limitation, any direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, punitive or exemplary damages, or damages for lost profits or savings or loss of contracts, in connection with or resulting from the Entrant entering and participating in the Contest or submitting an Entry or a Work or due to any breach of contract or any tortious act including negligence.

11.5.  No claims, actions, or legal proceedings in connection with the Contest, an Entrant's participation in the Contest, the Hasselblad Masters Programme and the Works brought by any Entrant or other interested person will be entertained by Hasselblad.

12.  Termination

12.1.  Hasselblad may terminate the Hasselblad Master’s participation in Hasselblad Masters Awards and Programme by notice in writing if he or she is in breach of the Terms and Conditions and shall have failed (where the breach is capable of remedy) to remedy the breach within 10 days of the receipt of a request in writing from Hasselblad to remedy the breach.

12.2.  In the event that a Hasselblad Master is terminated because of his or her breach of these Terms and Conditions or wilful misconduct or negligence in performing his or her obligations under these Terms and Conditions, Section 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 15 shall remain in force.

13.  Changes to Terms and Conditions


13.2.      In the event of any dispute regarding these Terms and Conditions, conduct, results, and all other matters relating to the Contest and the Hasselblad Masters Programme, the decision of Hasselblad shall be final. Hasselblad shall not be obliged to consider any appeal by, or to enter into any correspondence with, the winner(s) or any other person on any matter concerning the prize(s) and the decision.

14.   Data Privacy

Entrants agree that personal data (for example, name and address) may be processed, shared and otherwise used for the purposes and within the context of the Contest. The data may also be used by Hasselblad in order to verify the identity of the Entrant or to otherwise verify the Entrant’s eligibility to participate or receive prizes in the Contest. Hasselblad may disclose such personal information to judges and third parties, as may be needed for managing the Contest and/or for advertising, marketing and promotional purposes.

15.   Governing Law

The validity and performance of the Contest and the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Sweden. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the Contest, the Entry(ies), and the Terms and Conditions that cannot be negotiated by the Entrant and Hasselblad shall be submitted to a competent court in Sweden.