Hasselblad Masters

Volume 7: Enlighten

"Hasselblad Masters 2021" witnessed outstanding and diverse photography by artists from around the world. The winners of each category were awarded the title of "Hasselblad Master." In the next few months, they will embark on a new creative journey with the X2D 100C and continue to amaze us with stunning imagery. All works will be featured in the upcoming Hasselblad Masters Volume 7: Enlighten.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of inspiration.




Marek Wurfl is a Slovak portrait photographer with a background in traditional art. Since childhood, he was fascinated by Renaissance paintings, especially those from Jan van Eyck, Petrus Christus, Rogier van der Weyden, and Hans Memling. He spent hours browsing through art history books, captivated by the emotions in those mysterious portraits.

"Indeed, this experience influenced and shaped me as an artist, and in my work, I’m trying to achieve a similar effect as those renaissance portraits had on me", he explains.

"Capturing the poetry in still moments of solitude. Emphasising the fragility of the single string of reality by questioning our perception."




Honghua Shi chose photography by chance, just because he wanted to learn a favorite skill when he was young.

It has been nearly 20 years since he began to contact photography in 2003, and his pursuit of each stage is different, and he has not found the meaning of photography in more than 10 years of commercial photography. It was not until he returned to his hometown in 2014, returned to nature, and returned to life, that the subjects he photographed also changed, and he found the meaning of photography by taking mountains and water as his partners every day.

"I accept nature as my teacher. As I wander the landscape, traveling through time and space, I can feel the breath of an ancient era.“




In this personal project, he would like to combine the three biggest passions in his life: photography, architecture and alpine hiking.

Even before he found his love for photography ten years ago, he has been a regular visitor to the Alps for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and climbing. Therefore he sees a great opportunity to take the set of skills that he earned until now to document the great architectural achievements in this harsh alpine terrain.

"In the harsh environments of alpine mountaineering, finding shelter can be a matter of life and death. I aim to document some of the most progressive and sustainable architecture that one can find."




He spent 7 years in the local film industry working as a cinematographer. During that time he shot many commercials, a handful of documentaries, Short Films and a Feature. But he always had a pull and strong fascination toward the still-image.

With an eye for storytelling and the technical knowledge of light and camera gained over years of working as a DOP, allows for his versatility as a photographer, infused with a deep respect and passion for his craft.

"I have a deep respect and passion for my craft and love exploring the nuances of light and composition to tell a story. What may seem dark and somber to one can also be perceived and felt as beautiful and expansive to another."




Marcus Møller Bitsch is an autodidact Danish photographer, stop-motion animator and illustrator. He grew up spending most of his time in water, doing watersports, and exploring different creative mediums. After a knee injury, he was forced to take a break from freediving, took up photography and started “The 365 days project”, as a way of practicing the newly discovered passion.

"I want to create conceptual photographs that walk the fine line between surrealism and realism - achieved through optical illusions, physical manipulation of the printed medium, and creative use of lighting/camera equipment."




Yihao Wang first met photography when he was in primary school. His family had just bought their first digital camera. Since his family rarely used it, a camera no bigger than the palm of his hand recorded his daily life.

Gradually he found that he liked the feeling of pressing the shutter. The pleasure of freezing time made him fall in love with photography.

"Minimalism has always been an essential element in my work. With the X2D, I will once again set out to deconstruct the conventional geometric space and discover a unique perspective on beauty."




Alice Zilberberg is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning artist, recognized by curators, collectors, and art patrons across the globe.

With a poetic style of expression, the meanings of her images unravel through metaphor and symbolism that aim to inspire the viewer to look inward.

"For me, calmness and nature go hand in hand. An ongoing theme in my work is the notion of remerging with nature to recoup mental health. The images take months to complete, with every detail thoroughly inspected."




Photographs have a unique and special way of capturing the many moments of our life and remain a priceless window to the past for those of the present day and for future generations.

He is hugely passionate about producing exactly these photographs that are real and honest.

"It’s very important to me that my work is shaped by my own life story and how I‘ve learned to see and feel things and experience moments. I combine this with an understanding of light and the stories of the people I photograph, there is a certain emergence of depth and connection."




Known for his intimate and aesthetically dramatic compositions, Ledoux's distinctive fine art photography is born out of his passion for the preservation of nature, specifically of the Arctic. His camera lenses are the portals through which he communicates with the world.

“My biggest motivation for creating has always been nature, to be able to bring it to the centre of our lives and give those who cannot speak a voice,” he said.

"Back to the Arctic. The Arctic is more than a passion. It's a commitment in its own right, a lifestyle choice that has become a polar obsession. The sea without ice and the mountains without snow is like music devoided of melody."




Ramón Vaquero decided one day to 'hang up' the Technical Engineering books to turn his love of photography into his way of life and, judging by the results, he has not been wrong: he has accumulated the most important fashion photography awards.

"I came to photography, like almost everyone, self-taught. But you learn, study the greats... and one day all you want is to get to your studio and start working."

"I want to create minimal scenes from scratch. Just a few lights, and most of all some models and their personal essence, pushing myself to communicate a kind of beauty beyond any formal interpretation."




Paul grew up in Mexico City where he worked as a graphic designer and started his fascination with manipulating images for fun. He is a photographers, directors and thinkers and create mash-ups of food, animals and everyday objects that they merge into a surrealistic, humorous whole without mercy.

"I want to make people happy and remind them how fascinating the world is by producing images of food, animals, and everyday objects. My designs' vibrant shades of pastel backgrounds directly correlate to Mexico City, where I was born and raised, and where I'm returning to for inspiration."

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