Hasselblad Ambassador

Julia Fullerton-Batten

United Kingdom

Julia Fullerton-Batten is a worldwide acclaimed and exhibited fine-art photographer. Her body of work now encompasses twelve major projects spanning a decade of engagement in the field.

Julia achieved success with her very first fine-art project, ‘Teenage Stories’. Her book was published in 2007. This and sequel projects were evocative narratives of an adolescent girl’s transition to womanhood through various difficult stages and life situations. Julia freely admits to there being a semi-autobiographical influence in these projects, often falling back on recollections of her own early and teenage years, living in Germany, the USA and the UK, her parent’s divorce, and her own early experiences with relationships.

Her more recent projects consider socially conscious topics, which have included society’s preoccupation with figure consciousness, blindness, the abuse of servants during the Edwardian era in the UK, feral children and, most recently, the touchy subject of women who voluntarily engage in the sex industry. In ‘Feral Children, 2015’, Julia used child actors to re-enact reported cases of feral children who were rejected or abused by their parents or got lost in the wild.

‘The Act’ was a comprehensive study of the performing and private lives of fifteen women who voluntarily engage in the UK sex industry. Her still images of the ladies on staged sets are complemented with videoed Q&A sessions with them.

Julia’s use of unusual locations, highly creative settings, street-cast models, accented with cinematic lighting are hallmarks of her very distinctive style of photography. She insinuates visual tensions in her images, and imbues them with a hint of mystery, which combine to tease the viewer to re-examine the picture, each time seeing more content and finding a deeper meaning. These distinctive qualities have established enthusiasts for her work worldwide and at all ends of the cultural spectrum, from casual viewers to connoisseurs of fine-art photography.

In 2015 Julia was the first female photographer to shoot the prestigious Campari Calendar in its sixteen-year history. The Bond girl Eva Green was her diva.

Julia has won countless awards for both her commercial and fine-art work, and became a Hasselblad Master in 2008.  The National Portrait Gallery commissioned her to shoot portraits of leading people in the UK National Health Service, which are held in the permanent collection. Other images are also in permanent collection at the Musee de l’Elysee, Lausanne, Switzerland. She is widely interviewed about her projects by professional photographic magazines from around the world and is sought after as a speaker at international events and as a judge for prestigious international photographic competitions.

She still uses her Hasselblad 501Cm which she purchased when she was 25 years old, shortly after having started her career.

In Julia Fullerton-Batten's camera bag

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