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Sails Chong


Sails Chong is China’s top photographer and a Hasselblad Ambassador. Coming from an academic background of Japanese Studies and Fine Arts, he is famous for his photography where he creates surrealistic imagery of the portrait set against backdrop of visually stunning Chinese aesthetics or breathtaking landscape. Sails Chong believes that photography is a lonely journey, and no glorious booming is possible without years of grinding.

He is a pure believer in Hasselblad cameras. He holds that there is nothing wrong in loving the equipment, because a camera is so far the only human invention that is capable of freezing time.

With his learning and working experience in Japan, he is very particular on principles, in an almost rigidly vigorous way. He judges harshly on the composition and the exposure and build them on precise mathematics, before giving emotional depth to the photographs.

“Only after we run can we know the joy of wind.”

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