FOCAL LENGTH:135MM (XCD 2,8/135).


Rajiv Bhambri



What made you become the photographer you are today?

I became interested in photography during a couple of dive trips to the Florida Keys and the Caribbean soon after becoming certified in scuba diving. Initially, I focused only on taking pictures underwater but then found that I enjoyed landscapes too. Most of what I learned came from internet research and practicing with my camera whenever I got the chance. One winter evening, after work, I decided to try out my first DSLR camera on the boardwalk and got amazing landscape shots, one of which is still my profile picture on Facebook. What I like about my hobby now is that I enjoy many types of photography, including landscape, street, underwater macro and super macro, pelagic fish like sharks and whales and underwater wide angle.

What does the X System camera do for your photography?

A few years back, I decided to switch from a DSLR camera to a micro four thirds system, mainly due to the smaller size of the camera, making it easier to handle underwater. It was therefore expected that when the X1D mirrorless camera was announced that it would arouse my curiosity. Since my main interest for topside photography is landscapes, I find the combination of a larger (medium format) sensor and the compact size of the X System camera with very sharp prime lenses as an ideal travel camera. This camera brings back the pleasure in taking pictures, knowing that I will get the best quality images.

Tell us the story behind how you created your image.

The Quiraing is a massive landslip located in the Isle of Skye in Scotland. There are breathtaking views, with spectacular cliffs, hidden plateaus and pinnacles of rock. I started my hike early so I could watch the sunrise, and I was not disappointed. The sun shone through the clouds to light up this mountain and loch with sheep grazing at the foothills. I used the 135mm lens to better capture this gorgeous mountain scene. True to the unpredictable Scottish weather, there was intermittent rain, and at some point, the sun disappeared completely. Because of the large dynamic range of the X1D camera, I did not need to spend time with ND graduated filters because of which I was able to take pictures quickly in between the periods of rain and also enjoy my walk.