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FOCAL LENGTH: 120MM (XCD 3,5/120)


Jean Michel Voge

Millancay, France


What made you become the photographer you are today?

Having worked with medium and large format for years, I have learned that to create a photo, one must always make the effort to actually take their camera out and put it in the right place using the focal length that matches the scene best. It is not the camera who creates the images, but the photographer. We instinctively learn through shooting on medium format to be in the right place at the right time and to photograph without hesitation.

What does the X System camera do for your photography?

The X System gives me the freedom to do what I like without having to overthink technique.

Tell us the story behind how you created your image.

Crossing through Iceland before arriving to Greenland, I found myself in front of this very inspiring landscape. After taking two horizontal photos with the XCD 120 to capture the exact gradient of the sky, the snow and the rest of the vegetation, I had the idea to take 6 or 7 vertical photos (handheld) trying to capture the same horizon with each view. The raw files allowed me to combine these photos very easily. To my pleasant surprise, the well-designed XCD optics gave results that kept the perspective uniform throughout the different shots. I also discovered throughout the past month on this trip that the XCD 120 is perfect for finding lines and framing in a wide landscape with the feeling of being neither too close nor too far – perfect!

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