Ellen McDermott

New York, New York, USA


What made you become the photographer you are today?

Much trial and error has made me become the photographer I am today as well as my continued passion for the subject as well as for the technology. I’ve always been fascinated by people, culture, and location. Photography is an entry into worlds previously unknown to me. It is a vehicle to discover the beauty in our differences and the commonalities that bond us.

What does the X System camera do for your photography?

The X System camera has enabled me to be handheld and spontaneous in capturing fleeting moments. The settings can be quickly adjusted to shifting conditions while still capturing medium format quality. The X1D has gotten me off my tripod to an unexpected delight in the way I shoot and how I approach assignments.

Tell us the story behind how you created your image.

While on an editorial assignment shooting interiors for CTC&G (Connecticut Cottages & Gardens) Magazine, our Editor in Chief DJ Carey introduced us to our lifelong friends at Hound House, CT - Collin Robison and Trent De Berry. I mention this because DJ’s skill at pairing the location with the photographer is significant in how an assignment is realized. Our continued friendship and collaboration with Collin Robison Design led us to this photograph with Nailah, the Ocicat. Incorporating animals into our interiors can add a warmth and humanness that is more approachable and visually interesting. I’ve always loved photographing animals. There is a moment of stillness when the subject becomes engaged with the camera. There is a connection. It is paramount to have the proper gear to capture these transient moments. The X1D’s excellence in handling low light situations with an elusive subject matter made this image possible with superior results!