Yin Chao is known for his work as a famous fashion photographer in China. In 2008, he founded SUPER STUDIO, which is China’s top-level photography studio. Now it has developed into an art organization focused on creativity, production, photography, video, and art exhibitions.

Yin Chao’s oriental and international photography style is widely recognized by top fashion media and celebrities. He has deep cooperation with many international brands. As the most active fashion photographer in China, his influence on fashion photography is immeasurable. In the early days, the media praised him as "a soul photographer". In the numerous works of Yin Chao, apart from the profound characterisation of the people, they also contain his inheritance of Chinese local culture and the artistic concept of “Zen”(禅).

Yin Chao doesn't think photography is only a job. Through photography, he conveys his attitude towards life, fashion, affection, love, friendship, and ultimately everything in the world. Yin Chao hopes his works can make audiences feel the power and love to acquire inner peace.

In Yin Chao's camera bag