GOT Medium Format Meetup: January 2019

Hasselblad HQ, Gothenburg

29 January | 17:30-19:30

Special Theme: Lenses

Join Hasselblad’s January Medium Format Meetup at the Gothenburg headquarters focusing on the history and design process of Hasselblad lenses. Lead Optical Designers Maolin Ye and Per Nordlund of Hasselblad’s R&D Lens Team will first take you through a brief historical summary covering the highlights of the past Hasselblad lens series. This will be followed by a technical look at the lens design process with the XCD 65mm, including the software tools used in the design work.

Afterwards, get hands on with both XCD and HC/HCD Lenses using the X1D-50c and H6D-100c Cameras. Whether you’re a medium format master or a creative wanting to find out more about medium format photography, this meetup is the perfect place to learn, expand your photo knowledge and get the chance to test out Hasselblad products with staff and photographers available on hand.

Please note: This talk will take place in English and cover technical themes, and places are strictly limited, booked on a first come, first served basis.

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