Starting at Hasselblad 44 years ago as just a summer job, Eje began working with quality control of products. With an engineering background, he understands all the components necessary to build a Hasselblad camera. With everything from pranking his colleagues to holding dark room courses and meeting Victor Hasselblad himself, Eje is truly an original member of the Hasselblad family.


What do you work with at Hasselblad?

For the last 12 years, I’ve been working in the service department as a production engineer. We repair anything and everything that has to do with the Hasselblad system. Before my current position, I worked in production preparation, so I know the different Hasselblad systems inside and out.

While working here in the past 44 years, did you ever meet Victor Hasselblad?

Yes, I met him – I think it was around 1975/76. Back then, I held dark room courses for the other employees, around 5 or 6 people each time. These courses got my colleagues even more interested in photography. Victor personally wanted to thank me for organizing these courses and being so dedicated to the company.

Tell us about a typical day for you at Hasselblad.

First, we analyze the product in question to see what happened to it and what needs to be repaired. Then we make an estimate of what the repair would cost and notify the customer. Once the customer gets back to us with a confirmation, we start to repair the actual damage. With my position, I have a lot of freedom, which I value in my work.

My job has never been boring – every time we release a new product, my job develops into a new one.

Describe what Hasselblad means to you in a few words.

I would say it’s a very strong brand. It’s always been like we’re a family at Hasselblad – very much a “we” feeling with everyone that works here during all the years. When you talk to people outside of Hasselblad, you realize how big Hasselblad is, especially thanks to its role in capturing the moon landing.

You must have many stories to tell from your years here. Please share one with us.

First of all, we work with interesting products. But most of all, with good colleagues. There have been a lot of funny memories here! There has always been a lot of humor at the office – a lot of practical jokes. We used to have a lot of meetings, and sometimes, I wanted to lighten the mood a bit. So, one time during Easter I had some spare time, so I took an old H1 and put a plastic egg on the mirror inside the camera. I rigged it so when you pressed the shutter button, you heard the sound of a chicken. I used this during meetings and it got people to laugh.

Tell us something that we don't know about you.

I have a passion for sports cars. I actually own a Porsche 911, which I love to drive around in during the summer.