Carina has assembled more camera products than she can remember over her last forty years at Hasselblad. Following in her family’s footsteps, both her father and mother worked at Hasselblad as well. Through her mother, Carina started out in a temporary position for half a year before working full time with product assembly.


What do you work with at Hasselblad?

I am an assembly technician. I put together different parts in our product line – everything from cameras to adapters. For example, I put together the CF Adapter from beginning to end. Even though it’s so small, it’s a really complex product containing a lot of parts.

You have been working at Hasselblad for 40 years. What made you want to stay?

It’s mostly my colleagues. I have always liked it here, so the 40 years have just flown by. With my situation, it’s not so easy to find jobs; people have preconceptions about my ability to work even if they don’t say it directly. I have been questioned in other situations if I can really handle the tasks given to me, but not at Hasselblad – here, I am just Carina. There is always a way to solve things. So, for the colleagues I have and the fact that they don’t judge me is a big reason for me enjoying working here.

So, did you ever meet Victor Hasselblad?

No unfortunately not; he died right when I was about to start working here. But my mom met him. Victor often came by the office at least once a month to say hi. My mom worked in the production line and Victor was often there because he cared a lot about the company and was truly fascinated by the work everyone was doing.

You really feel proud to work here; we always help each other out as a team. You feel like you have a responsibility as a member of the Hasselblad family.