Hasselblad’s latest Firmware Update 1.4.0 adds new functionality for an enhanced shooting experience with the X1D II 50C, 907X Special Edition and 907X 50C cameras. A Distance Scale overlay has been added to Live View, Interval Timer has upgraded options for exposure metering and frame selection, and Phocus Mobile 2 functionality has been updated, in addition to general system improvements.

Distance Scale in Live View

A new Distance Scale overlay is added to Live View. This provides information about the currently set focus position as well as the close range for the actual lens. In addition, it is possible to choose between using meters or feet in the Distance Scale. This function requires the new Firmware Update 0.6.0 for all XCD Lenses except for XCD 45P, which requires Firmware Update 0.1.26.

Exposure Metering for multiple frames in Interval Timer

Previously, the photographer could only select Exposure Metering for the first frame when shooting multiple images. It is now possible to select Exposure Metering for each individual frame in a series of shots. Metering for each frame, for example, improves time lapse photography when photographing in changing light conditions.

Increased frame options in Interval Timer

Before, it was only possible to specifically choose up to 99 frames to be taken with Interval Timer. The numbering system of frame options included every number between 2 and 99. It is now possible to specify up to 1000 frames where the photographer has the option of every number between 2-25, intervals of 5 between 25-100, and intervals of 50 between 100-1000. No Limit is, of course, still an option.

Updates to Phocus Mobile 2

Live View quality on Phocus Mobile 2 has been enhanced. As well, a change in the White Balance setting in Phocus Mobile 2 will now synchronize with X1D II 50C and 907X cameras.

Taking user feedback into account, general system improvements have been implemented for a smoother user experience with the X1D II 50C and 907X cameras. See more details and download the release notes below.

Download Firmware Update 1.4.0 for X1D II 50C here , 907X 50C here and 907X Special Edition here

Download Firmware Update 0.1.26 for XCD 45P here.

Download Firmware Update 0.6.0 for all other XCD Lenses here.