Hasselblad’s Home is our invitation to you to join us behind-the-scenes at our headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden for a more intimate look into the core of Hasselblad. Hear from our designers and engineers about our thoughts and processes behind the development of our medium format cameras and the philosophies underpinning the foundation of how we bring Scandinavian design and craftsmanship to creators around the world.


For us, design quality means to be able to connect emotionally with photographers and create products that will stand the test of time. So, when we made the world’s first compact mirrorless digital medium format camera, our goal was to create a product that would inspire creators around the world.

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Finding the right balance for the design of the X1D was a challenge as its designers tried to combine contemporary and unique elements that would give Hasselblad a look that future models could be built off of. Taking inspiration from older Hasselblad cameras, small details were integrated into the distinct composition of the X1D. Looking straight on at the X1D, the family resemblance is clear with the classic square and circle with a wide Hasselblad nameplate on top from the V System next to the distinct, straight grip from the H System.

Our starting point was not the design of the camera itself but the development of a design language that we could apply to all new Hasselblad products, including the second generation X1D II and 907X.

We wanted to create a high-performance product with a well-defined personality that would connect to the essence of Hasselblad by using the original, classic V System as a reference.

The orange button evolved as a vibrant accent, the final touch to balance the calm Scandinavian aesthetics. A symbol for the warmth and passion, the personal engagement and the love of imagery that is the at the core of the Hasselblad brand.