Tom Oldham

The Last of the Crooners

London-based portrait photographer Tom Oldham won’t rest until he has photographed all the faces on the planet. In his latest series, The Last of the Crooners, Tom features a group of jazz musicians right at his local pub, The Palm Tree, in East London. Using his H6D-100c in combination with the HC 2,8/80 and HC 2,2/100 Lenses, The Last of the Crooners was recognized by the World Photography Awards as the winner of the portrait category in their 2018 competition.

A long-time regular at The Palm Tree, Tom had been prepping for this shoot unknowingly for almost 20 years. Despite the neighborhood’s gentrification and other changes that London has seen, the pub’s charm, with its red velvet drapes, gold-patterned wallpaper, and jazz tunes, has always remained a constant. For Tom, the weekend performances of the live jazz band set a melancholic tone that invoked nostalgic sentiments, creating an appreciation for the present despite the inevitable changes of life looming in the distance. Tom was aware that life wouldn’t always look like this, so he felt it was important to document this scene in all its glory before it was overcome by its many years.

With the best of intentions, and even as a regular at the pub, Tom had to approach the project sensitively. With trust in place, the landlord and landlady gave their permission easily and helped to encourage the musicians, but it took Tom multiple visits, ensuring everyone that his intentions were genuine before he succeeded in capturing these portraits. With a lot of preparation, including lighting and posing the subjects very deliberately, the shoot itself only took two days.

This project demanded quality and a timeless feel, so I used the H6D-100c and mostly either the HC 2,8/80 or the HC 2,2/100, the latter being one of the most world class lenses available. The tonal capabilities of these files enable the images to withstand a lot of flexibility, especially since they were deliberately under lit. We got the shape right and then lifted the files in post, as though the subjects were emerging from the dimly lit shadows. Retouchers love Hasselblad files!

Hasselblad Lenses are next level, which allow the files to have a latitude and tonal range that enable portrait photographers to use light in a far more advanced way. These are the elements that make for competition quality imagery.

About Tom Oldham

British portrait photographer Tom Oldham has photographed "all sorts of talented folk" around the world. Finding his calling at the ripe age of 21, some of Tom's biggest works includes Eldmodur, featuring Icelandic crossfit athletes; The Herder Boys of Lesotho, his proudest series; The Longest Day, where Tom stayed awake for 40 hours and shot one portrait per hour. Check out his compelling portraits here.

Hasselblad H6D-100c

For the photographer who demands nothing less than the best from their digital camera, we present the H6D-100c. Its large sensor offers an almost full field-of-view from our HC & HCD wide angle lenses and is capable of recording breathtaking detail, even in poor lighting conditions. Request a demo here.



在专业美食摄影师邱子峰的印象里,中画幅曾一度是「不堪重负」的体验。随着 XCD 45P 的发布,哈苏 X 系统再次引领中画幅便携新高度,这将为商业摄影师的工作流带来怎样的提升与体验?邱子峰坦言:「我相信如此轻便而又强大的中画幅系统,将会改变我的拍摄方式。」

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Tom Oldham

XCD 45P 下的街头肖像

哈苏 H 系列摄影师 Tom Oldham 是最早使用 XCD 45P 镜头的摄影师之一,带着它走出影棚在冬日伦敦街头即兴创作,测试这款轻量级的中画幅镜头。

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Douglas Kirkland


Douglas Kirkland 用他的哈苏 500C 相机拍摄了玛丽莲·梦露(Marilyn Monroe)众多著名作品。在创造这些经典之前,他还曾在街头邂逅维克多·哈苏(Victor Hasselblad)先生本人。

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印度“大壶节”是印度教的朝圣节日,每年吸引超过一亿人聚集至印度中部的恒河进行沐浴净身。四名摄影师 Gabriel Flores、Joe Greer、Jeremy Snell及 Dan Tom 前往印度,以自身视角及独特的摄影风格记录了这次文化之旅。

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Mats Lind


不同于普通体育摄影,Mats Lind 企图以抽象画面记录世界顶尖滑雪选手滑下坡道时的情景。当选手以 100 千米每小时的速度经过他身边,他几乎仅有一秒钟的时间去捕捉这个瞬间。Mats 将曝光不同的几张照片进行了合成,以油画般的艺术效果展现运动员角逐世界冠军的激动心情。

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历时 33 个月,Brock Elbank 拍摄了 30 位先天性色素痣患者,这种极其罕见的胎记最多可覆盖人体 80% 的皮肤,全世界仅有不到 1% 的人患有这种先天疾病。

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Herring & Herring

Herring & Herring,一个在名人与乐坛领域备受青睐的摄影团队,它由创意大师 Dimitri Scheblanov 和 Jesper Carlsen 联手成立,两位天才的合作,背后又有怎样精彩的故事?

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Johan Renck


瑞典导演 Johan Renck 带着轻巧便携的哈苏 X1D-50c 踏上他的创意之旅,拍摄了一些系列人物剧照。在他最新执导的迷你剧《切尔诺贝利》中,他通过这台中画幅相机,展现了居中所复原的 1986 年苏维埃乌克兰面貌。

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