Tom Oldham

The Last of the Crooners

London-based portrait photographer Tom Oldham won’t rest until he has photographed all the faces on the planet. In his latest series, The Last of the Crooners, Tom features a group of jazz musicians right at his local pub, The Palm Tree, in East London. Using his H6D-100c in combination with the HC 2,8/80 and HC 2,2/100 Lenses, The Last of the Crooners was recognized by the World Photography Awards as the winner of the portrait category in their 2018 competition.

A long-time regular at The Palm Tree, Tom had been prepping for this shoot unknowingly for almost 20 years. Despite the neighborhood’s gentrification and other changes that London has seen, the pub’s charm, with its red velvet drapes, gold-patterned wallpaper, and jazz tunes, has always remained a constant. For Tom, the weekend performances of the live jazz band set a melancholic tone that invoked nostalgic sentiments, creating an appreciation for the present despite the inevitable changes of life looming in the distance. Tom was aware that life wouldn’t always look like this, so he felt it was important to document this scene in all its glory before it was overcome by its many years.

With the best of intentions, and even as a regular at the pub, Tom had to approach the project sensitively. With trust in place, the landlord and landlady gave their permission easily and helped to encourage the musicians, but it took Tom multiple visits, ensuring everyone that his intentions were genuine before he succeeded in capturing these portraits. With a lot of preparation, including lighting and posing the subjects very deliberately, the shoot itself only took two days.

This project demanded quality and a timeless feel, so I used the H6D-100c and mostly either the HC 2,8/80 or the HC 2,2/100, the latter being one of the most world class lenses available. The tonal capabilities of these files enable the images to withstand a lot of flexibility, especially since they were deliberately under lit. We got the shape right and then lifted the files in post, as though the subjects were emerging from the dimly lit shadows. Retouchers love Hasselblad files!

Hasselblad Lenses are next level, which allow the files to have a latitude and tonal range that enable portrait photographers to use light in a far more advanced way. These are the elements that make for competition quality imagery.

About Tom Oldham

British portrait photographer Tom Oldham has photographed "all sorts of talented folk" around the world. Finding his calling at the ripe age of 21, some of Tom's biggest works includes Eldmodur, featuring Icelandic crossfit athletes; The Herder Boys of Lesotho, his proudest series; The Longest Day, where Tom stayed awake for 40 hours and shot one portrait per hour. Check out his compelling portraits here.

Hasselblad H6D-100c

For the photographer who demands nothing less than the best from their digital camera, we present the H6D-100c. Its large sensor offers an almost full field-of-view from our HC & HCD wide angle lenses and is capable of recording breathtaking detail, even in poor lighting conditions. Request a demo here.

Hans Strand


从冰冻北极到热带雨林再到干燥沙漠,风光摄影师 Hans Strand 深受大自然吸引。在作品《人造土地》中,他使用哈苏 H6D-100c,从空中视角审视人类活动对大自然的干扰。


X Talk


2019 年末,哈苏摄影爱好者与著名摄影师 Thomas 看看世界,携手哈苏共同前往西藏东部,走遍波密、然乌、鲁朗、林芝,透过哈苏相机探索藏东雪域秘境。8 天 7 晚,在无垠的星空下沉醉,也在南迦巴瓦云雾飘散的瞬间顿悟自然的崇伟,看遍森林、湖泊、雪山、冰川、河谷,自然的雄伟留于方寸影像之间,亦回荡在每一个参与过风景的人心中。


Terry O'Neill

披头士、David Bowie……哈苏镜头下的 60 年代名流

作为 1960 年代和 70 年代的名人摄影师,Terry O'Neill 拍摄了大量名人肖像,从奥黛丽·赫本(Audrey Hepburn)、布里吉特·巴铎(Brigitte Bardot)到弗兰克·辛纳屈(Frank Sinatra),这只是冰山一角。这些以哈苏 500CM 拍摄肖像,在历史的积淀中,成为一个时代的缩影与经典。




故宫,坐落京城 600 余年,是中华民族共同的文化记忆。它气势恢宏而又充满底蕴,一座城,叙尽历史与浮沉;一抹红,道尽雍容与典雅。但在摄影师苏唐诗眼里,故宫的美,十分「平常」,每一处皆为风景,每一刻皆在发生,当你以平常而自然的视角面对它,无需过多渲染与修饰,那些斜影、砖瓦、楼宇和色彩,已自成风景。


Roger Fishman


Roger Fishman 从空中拍摄格陵兰岛,捕捉这座岛屿极致的孤冷之美。作品收录于《瞬间与永恒:格陵兰岛(Ephemeral & Eternal: Greenland)》,这是迄今记录格陵兰岛最大的艺术作品集。这些照片揭示了格陵兰岛迫在眉睫的危机,呼吁人类为了地球的未来必须采取保护措施。Roger 与美国各知名大学的科学家合作,希望为这片土地的壮丽摘下面纱,唤起公众对环境的关注。


Pål Hansen


挪威摄影师 Pål Hansen 拍摄过众多演员、音乐家和其他名人,包括艾丽西卡·维坎德(Alicia Vikander)、基特·哈灵顿(Kit Harington)、妮可·基德曼(Nicole Kidman)、科特妮·洛芙(Courtney Love)和成龙。Pål 有能让任何人在相机前放松下来的美誉。拍摄明星时,他总能讲述一个个独特的故事。


Stephen Sweeney


自由摄影师 Stephen Sweeney 居住在伦敦,他习惯了在那座大都市中奔波,拍摄肖像和广告照。而现在,他被迫居家已有一个多月了,无法像往常一样开展工作。 在与四个兄弟及父母一起居家隔离的这段日子里,他抓住这种少有的“全家人都在一个屋檐下”的机会,用哈苏 X1D II 50C 为六位家庭成员拍摄了优美打光下的肖像照,从而保持了创造力。


Daniel Rueda & Anna Devís

Pink A Boo: 红墙(La Muralla Roja)里的「捉迷藏」

在粉蓝相间的西班牙红墙(La Muralla Roja)中,Daniel Rueda 和 Anna Devís 上演了一场「捉迷藏」视觉游戏。在本次访谈中,他们分享了在这座梦幻迷宫中的拍摄策划与执行,以及作品背后的理念与故事。