Imaginative self-portrait photographer Flora Borsi is no stranger to the X System, and was one of the first photographers to try out the next generation X1D II 50C. Flora decided to put the camera to work capturing a wide spectrum of colours, dressing herself in melting ice cream, gooey lettuce, vibrant roses, and splattered blue paint.

The X1D II 50C is very fast, both in terms of continuous shooting mode and system start. The menu navigation's user interface is extended with useful, additional sub-menus. I especially liked the opportunity to shoot with interval capturing mode, where I could select how many images I wanted to take with self-timer, setting the time between each take. I love the big screen with high a resolution. The preview images were a lot clearer and bigger, therefore making it easier to spot any mistakes.



I wanted to capture the strongest profile of Hasselblad, which is color and detail. Even though it has the same sensor, somehow, I noticed that the color-grades and color depth is more developed, so I wanted to play with the viewer's imagination. I want to inspire people to create something unordinary, otherworldly – so I was thinking in the same way while creating my images. 


The X1D II was amazing to work with when it comes to details, colours and resolution. Even with 50MP, I could easily enlarge it to 1,5 or 2 meters when it comes to printing. The details are so rich that I couldn't complain or compare it to other cameras. The details don’t come from post production sharpening; they're really sharp from the start!


I was working mostly with Phocus Mobile on my iPad. To adjust autofocus through Phocus is a precious function since I'm doing self-portraits and sometimes, I don't have time for metering distance. Just one tap and the image is captured – how amazing is that?

I felt really inspired to create. I knew that the final result was going to be technically perfect and this is exactly what I need – I didn't have to worry.  The style of the camera is also very inspiring. When I was looking at this camera, I felt like I wanted to do all of my projects (which have been in my sketchbook for years) immediately. The X1D II is just beautiful and smart – everything I need in a camera. Cameras are tools and should help artists to manifest their ideas. I think the Hasselblad X1D II totally made this possible, without any doubt.




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Ottavio Giannella


Le photographe Ottavio Giannella vole avec son X1D II 50C d’Italie à Francfort, puis jusqu’à l’aéroport de Keflavík en Islande. Il conduit 40 minutes jusqu'à la vallée de la péninsule de Reykjavík puis enchaine avec deux heures de marche jusqu'à sa destination, le site de l'éruption du Fagradalsfjall.

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Chaque photographe connait la marque Hasselblad, qu’il soit amateur, passionné ou professionnel, car l’histoire de la photographie repose sur Hasselblad. Pour moi, c’est un investissement pour ma carrière, pour passer à un niveau supérieur. C’est toujours important d’avoir les bons outils au bons moments pour réaliser de bonnes photos.

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Pour moi en tant que photographe, le X2D est comme un violon Stradivarius pour un violoniste. C’est pour moi l'appareil photo idéal.

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Le X2D ressemble à une caméra pour peintres. Les images ont le goût et le fond technique d’une peinture. Je ne pouvais presque pas faire la différence entre les deux tellement c’est parfait. Cette caméra produit toutes les données que je pourrais utiliser pour partager les contes que je veux raconter avec mes images.

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