The new X1D-50c firmware 1.24.0 contains key firmware improvements, including a number of exciting new features.

Support for XCD 45P

Following the release of the latest addition to the XCD lens range, the XCD 45P, this update adds full X1D-50c system support for this superbly compact, lightweight and optically excellent lens.

Added 2/3 step for exposure bracketing

Rounding off the step options for the exposure bracketing option, the addition of the 2/3 step allows photographers to select 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1, 2 or 3 stops exposure difference between each captured image in the selected bracketed sequence.

Focus Bracketing

Expanding the feature set of the X1D-50c even further, Focus Bracketing will allow a photographer trying to capture a subject with very limited depth of field, such as in macro or product photography, to capture a series of exposures of their chosen subject at a fractionally different focus point in each and then to stack these captures in their chosen stacking software. The photographer will have full control over the number of frames in the sequence, the step size between each capture and an initial delay to allow any support system vibration to diminish.

Image Rating

A much-requested feature, Image Rating can now be applied to all captures in camera, making image sorting and selection much easier when the captures are transferred to the user’s computer system. When in image playback mode, with the capture details overlay on screen, the photographer simply presses the star button or presses the displayed stars. The required star rating can then be selected.

Swiping left or right will allow access to the next capture to again select the required rating level. All ratings are stored in the metadata of the captured image and will be available for use in the photographer’s favorite image editing application.