X1D Firmware

One of the many strengths of the X1D is its ever-evolving firmware. Since the release of the X1D, a large number of features and improvements have been introduced to ensure that you get the most out of your camera.

Make sure your X1D is up to date by downloading the latest firmware from My Hasselblad.

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Firmware update 1.21.0

The 1.21 Firmware Update for the X1D platform adds to the photographer’s ease in not only capturing one’s shot, but their options for creativity as well.

Highlighted features include a White Balance Tool, allowing the photographer to set the colour temperature and tint directly on a photograph when shooting. In addition, the firmware now offers an Interval Timer and Exposure Bracketing. Using the Interval Timer, photographers can further their creativity with time-lapse shots. Exposure Bracketing gives users options in their exploration of varied exposure settings, capturing up to 9 frames with customisable sequences of bracketing exposures.


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Firmware update 1.20.1

The 1.20.1 Firmware Update is a maintenance release for the X1D-50c camera that solves a problem in 1.20.0.


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Firmware update 1.20

The 1.20 Firmware Update brings exciting new updates and functionality to the X1D that allows photographers and artists help in capturing their creative vision.

These new features include Instant Preview and Imaging Browsing through the X1D EVF,
a beneficial utility that many photographers rely on. Firmware 1.20 also offers creative Selectable Crop Modes including the popular XPan Ratio (65:24), 1:1, 7:6, 5:4, 3:2, 16:9, 2:1, A4, US Letter and more.


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*Works now, with the following lenses: HCD 28mm, HC 35mm, HC 50 mm, HC 80 mm, HC 100mm. Lenses need to be upgraded to lens firmware version 19.0.2.

Firmware update 1.19

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With the new 1.19 Firmware Update, the X1D is now even more user-friendly and customisable with a new function to use the rear screen as a touch-pad to select a AF point while viewing through the EVF.

Furthermore, the update for the X1D includes the following new features:

Touch-pad selection of AF point - setting

Max aperture 

Firmware update 1.17.3

The new 1.17.3 Firmware Update for X1D adds full support for the new XCD 120 Macro Lens. For proper functionality, the X1D camera must be updated with 1.17.3 or later.

Further, we added increased stability when using the GPS Module on the X1D. With this new firmware, satellite-fix will be more consistent and even if satellite connection is temporarily lost, images will still have a GPS position.

Firmware Update 1.17.2

The 1.17.2 Firmware Update for the Hasselblad X1D-50c adds two important features that extend the shooting envelope of the camera: resizable autofocus points and an electronic shutter function.

By popular demand, three sizes may now be selected offering 35, 63 or 117 points by holding down the AF/MF button and pressing the display [] button to cycle through them. The focus point may be reset to center easily by pressing the X button.