Above and Beyond

A collaboration with Koenigsegg

Passion, attention to detail and a strong drive to push boundaries are all characteristics that Hasselblad and Koenigsegg have in common. We visited Koenigsegg factory in Southern Sweden to explore that synergy and collaborated with their team to create a visual representation of the journey and hard work that goes into producing a finished car from concept and design all the way to development to production. 

Location: Ängelholm, Sweden, Camera:Hasselblad H6D-100c, Shutter Speed:1/8 sec, Aperture:f/11 , Focal Length:150mm mm (HC 3,2/150), ISO:64 | © Ming Thein

Hasselblad Chief of Strategy Ming Thein was the creative director and photographer for the project that involved using the H6D-100c and DJI Matrice 600 drone to capture these unique images of the Koenigsegg Regera and Agera RS in motion.

Speaking about creating this unique visual story, Ming said, “There’s a path and a history, with a lot of work, that leads up to the point where you have a finished car on the road. There’s also different teams working in parallel, bumps in the road as the tracks are never smooth; it all comes together from various timelines to that one end point. There isn’t such a thing as an ideal frame or composition, the challenge is finding the best way of presenting all of that philosophy in a way that’s coherent, as well as being creative and aesthetically interesting, while telling a story. The idea of putting the trails in and showing the frozen car is that at least you can appreciate the details in the car and appreciate the moment, but also see that it’s fleeting.

Location: Ängelholm, Sweden, Camera:Hasselblad H6D-100c, Shutter Speed:1/250 sec, Aperture:f/5,6 , Focal Length:50 mm (HC 50 II), ISO:64 | © Ming Thein

“Photographers choose a Hasselblad because they want the best in terms of image quality. It makes a difference both to one’s professional work but also in terms of personal satisfaction and knowing you can get the shot that you envisioned. Even though the conditions were quite challenging, we had strobed light, extended dynamic range, a broad colour gamut, and the Hasselblads are the best at handling that sort of thing by quite a significant margin.”

Location: Ängelholm, Sweden, Camera:Hasselblad H6D-100c, Shutter Speed:1/250 sec, Aperture:f/5,6 , Focal Length:50 mm (HC 50 II), ISO:100 | © Ming Thein

“If you’re trying to do something different from a creative standpoint, it matters that the technology doesn’t hold you back. To the best of my knowledge, the combination of what we did with the M600 drone, the long exposures with the high-speed flash, the moving car and so on has not been done before. At least I haven’t been able to find any examples of anybody else doing it before.”

Location: Ängelholm, Sweden, Camera:Hasselblad H6D-100c, Shutter Speed:1/500 sec, Aperture:f/5,6 , Focal Length:50 mm (HC 50 II), ISO:100 | © Ming Thein

“The job of photography, especially today, is to show us something that perhaps can’t otherwise be seen. Whether that’s because it’s a fleeting moment or it’s a transient moment, or it’s something our eyes can’t do like long exposures. We have to push the limits in creativity, to ask ourselves what extra can we give the photograph to make it unique and therefore hold the viewer’s attention.”

Location: Ängelholm, Sweden, Camera:Hasselblad H6D-100c, Shutter Speed:1/1000 sec, Aperture:f/5,6 , Focal Length:100 mm (HC 2,2/100), ISO:64 | © Ming Thein

In the Koenigsegg factory, the craftsmanship and focus that goes into making sure that every part of every car is optimised for delivering peak performance reminded Ming of the way that Hasselblad cameras are produced: “Every single one of our sensors is individually calibrated for colour consistency and photo response.”

While speaking with Ming, Christian von Koenigsegg said, “If we can’t find a solution, we’ll make one and even if we can find a solution, but we can make a better solution, we’ll still make that too.” That thinking is resonated by the spirit of Hasselblad and has been demonstrated throughout the company’s history.

A collaboration with Koenigsegg

Above and Beyond

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