Paul Dare has been passionate about photography and aeroplanes for as long as he can remember, so moving into aerial photography was a natural progression.

His journey as a professional aerial photographer began with a degree in physics, followed by a PhD in remote sensing, otherwise known as satellite imaging. After working in the academic sector for a few years, Paul decided to start his very own spatial technology company.

© AeroScientific – Mosaic of 240 A6D-100c images, showing Sellicks Beach in South Australia

“My goal was to develop and deploy commercially viable and truly useful aerial photography systems to anyone who wanted to acquire data from a plane,” Paul told us. His award-winning company, AeroScientific, has been running for 12 years now and delivers aerial photography systems to numerous countries around the world. In the coming months, the company’s first Antarctic system will be deployed ahead of the territory’s 2017/2018 summer season.

© AeroScientific – Camera: A6D-100c, Lens: HC 50 II

Speaking about why he chose to integrate the Hasselblad A6D-100c into his aerial systems lineup, Paul said, “The A6D is excellent, designed specifically for the job we’re doing. It offers a stable and robust professional package at a fair price. I believe the price point will encourage new operators to enter the industry. The camera has all of the required features, and when paired with our Aviatrix flight management system, it’s the simplest and most cost-effective professional system on the market.”

© AeroScientific – Camera: A6D-100c, Lens: HC 50 II

The consumer drone boom has piqued people’s interest in aerial photography, just as Google Earth did with satellite imaging during the turn of the millennium. Now that an increasing number of people have access to aerial photography tools, there are fewer barriers to enter. Unconcerned about increased competition, Paul Dare believes this surge in interest is a good thing.

Aero Scientific - Flight Management system

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Discussing the potential impact of a camera like the A6D entering the market, Paul said, “Pairing the A6D with our flight management system means that anyone can access a world-leading aerial photography package at an affordable price. Large format solutions are eye-wateringly expensive and more complicated to use, while the medium format sensor of the A6D means that we get excellent coverage of the ground at a great resolution."

“The A6D really hits a sweet spot in the aerial photography market in terms of capability and price. It opens the market up, which will be good for everyone.”

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