It's more important now than ever to keep up our creative spirit. For many of us, our living rooms have become our studios and our typical style of photography is just not possible to do at the moment. Using everyday objects or the people living with them, get inspired by and learn from Hasselblad photographers who are still finding ways to harness their creativity from home. Further explore Hasselblad's community of creatives on Instagram using the hashtag #InspiredWithHasselblad.

Camera: X1D II 50C

Itaru Hirama

Born in Miyagi prefecture of northeast Japan, Itaru Hirama shoots various musicians with his own dynamic style that makes you feel like you can actually hear their music through his images. He is also the founder of the music festival GAMA ROCK, which started in 2012 to support reconstruction in the aftermath of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, which occurred in his hometown of Shiogama. With X1D II 50C and XCD 45P, he captures a moment at home with his daughter, portraying life with music.

What are your tips for those who can only photograph in their homes at the moment?

With your camera, you will find something new even in the scenery you are familiar with.

How do you keep yourself motivated right now?

Seek what you can do in this particular situation. Since music has always been my inspiration, I immerse myself in music even more actively.

Camera: X1D II 50C