It's more important now than ever to keep up our creative spirit. For many of us, our living rooms have become our studios and our typical style of photography is just not possible to do at the moment. Using everyday objects or the people living with them, get inspired by and learn from Hasselblad photographers who are still finding ways to harness their creativity from home. Further explore Hasselblad's community of creatives on Instagram using the hashtag #InspiredWithHasselblad.

Camera: H5D-200c MS


Austria-based product photographer Günther Egger finds himself swapping his studio space for his own living room for the moment. At a time where holding onto one's creativity is key, he experiments with objects around his home, specifically flower arrangements, in combination with lighting that creates painterly imagery.

My inspiration is always the same. The next picture should be better than the previous one. There are always ideas for this. A lot will change in the future, especially in product photography but also in art photography. Now is the time to develop and try this out.

Camera: H5D-200c MS

What are your tips for those who can only photograph in their homes at the moment?

If you try such things at home, it is very helpful to use everything you can find – natural light, long exposure times and classic angles and views. In the future, authenticity and real representation will be even more important. Products have to be presented beautifully but at the same time practically and sustainably. A good example is fruit or simple vegetables. In the right light, these things, which have almost become a matter of course, are works of art that can be represented in different ways.

How do you keep yourself motivated right now?

I am motivated because I have a fantastic family and believe in the future. I also firmly believe that this situation as a whole will make the world a little bit better and we can't stubbornly continue. You will learn to appreciate many things again and value things such as quality, reliability and health.

What challenge do you give to those also stuck in their homes to keep the creative juices flowing?

The challenge at home will be to take pictures of things that a few weeks ago you didn't even notice – flower vases, saucepans, cutlery and simple foods such as potatoes. Each potato is unique, and if properly photographed, it can become an irresistible work of art. It is of course important to understand the beauty of the potato and to use everything that is possible – technology, the natural light in the home, backgrounds and angles. A small mirror that is used to redirect light can create a creative miracle.

Camera: H5D-200c MS

Camera: H5D-200c MS