It's more important now than ever to keep up our creative spirit. For many of us, our living rooms have become our studios and our typical style of photography is just not possible to do at the moment. Using everyday objects or the people living with them, get inspired by and learn from Hasselblad photographers who are still finding ways to harness their creativity from home. Further explore Hasselblad's community of creatives on Instagram using the hashtag #InspiredWithHasselblad.


Under lockdown for weeks on end in Spain, creative duo Daniel Rueda & Anna Devís, who usually travel to combine quirky facades with innovative storytelling, have traded city buildings for their own apartment walls as their photo studio. Using household objects combined with colourful paper backgrounds and matching outfits, the team uses what they can within their home to continue bringing their imagination to life.

Only so many things can happen when you’re stuck at home, so do not wait for images to appear in front of you – make them happen! When you’re ready to do it, start from scratch, literally! Use paper and a pencil to sketch your ideas. Make it personal.

Behind-the-scenes planning sketch


Usually, our work is the result of combining interesting buildings from all around the world with creative ideas straight from our brains. But since being out and about is not really an option right now, we’ve had to shift the focus more onto the concepts and the stories of our creations rather than the location they take place at, which is now basically our living room. Being stuck at home can be quite overwhelming for a creative duo whose main source of inspiration is the outdoors, but so it is for everyone else! That’s why, instead of letting ourselves get carried away by this grim situation, we’ve tried to use our images to spread a much-needed message of hope and positivism inspired by this so-called ‘new normal’ reality and the situations derived from it. 

What are you tips and tricks for at-home photography?

Use only what is within your reach. Even though at first glance most of our images do not seem very difficult to make because of their modest appearance, a lot goes into making it look so simple. In our shoots, we usually need lots of peculiar stuff we don’t always have just laying around: colorful materials, beautiful outfits, unexpected props, etc. Some of which can be really hard to get in normal conditions, never mind the current situation. That’s why for these images we’ve tried only using things that we can easily find at home, like our own clothes or the remnants and scraps from previous projects. We believe that understanding what you can and can’t do is a huge step towards staying creative in these uncertain times. 

Behind-the-scenes planning sketch


Not really! Our workflow has pretty much stayed the same. It’s our workplace that needed to adapt! Since location is one of the key aspects of our work, we are used to taking pictures in a different location each time. Now, we’ve turned our living room into a photo studio capable of accommodating our creative needs. We sure miss working outdoors, but we got to admit it’s pretty convenient not having to deal with traffic once the job is done! 

What challenge do you give to those also stuck in their homes to keep the creative juices flowing?

Only so many things can happen when you’re stuck at home, so do not wait for images to appear in front of you –make them happen! When you’re ready to do it, start from scratch, literally! Use paper and a pencil to sketch your ideas. Make it personal. What are your thoughts? How’s the situation affecting you? Translate your feelings onto the paper. It does not have to be a very detailed drawing or anything too complex, a few quick lines should do. And when you’re set on the story you want to tell, please use only the resources around you. The sky’s the limit, but stay home! There’s no need for you to leave the house in order to make your imagination fly.