27 July 2022, 3PM BST / 4PM CEST

Starting out in fashion, Lisa Devlin worked as a music and celebrity photographer for many years before falling into the wedding business by chance. Lisa has worked her way into the industry while continuing her editorial photography, shooting creative and unique wedding set-ups that feed into her work and help her capture her couples in new and exciting ways.

Lisa’s journey with medium format photography has allowed her to differentiate herself as a wedding photographer, and she also offers her expertise through her online school 'Photography Farm'. She’s taught thousands of wedding photographers over the last 10 years, and nurtures people into being the best photographer they can within a community that remembers what it was like to start out.

As a Hasselblad Heroine in Hasselblad's 2022 campaign, Lisa believes the program helps to continue to increase the visibility of women in the industry, which is really important to helping them feel less alone within it.

During this live webinar, Lisa will be sharing her experience of using the X1D II camera, talking through some of her images, offering tips and industry advice, and as usual, there will be an opportunity to ask related questions as part of the live presentation.


2022-07-27 15:00 - 16:00 BST


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