With over 20 years of experience in the airborne remote sensing field working as a both a pilot and an operator, Henrik Pohl started his own company, Airborne Technical Systems (ATS), in 2011. His background in electronics, computer technology, and metal processing forms the basis for his company’s development and manufacturing of technical systems for airborne remote sensing. He even developed the first oblique camera system with Rollei (today Trimble) in 2008.

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"At ATS," explains Henrik, "we plan and create the devices necessary for airborne remote sensing. Each of our products are individually designed according to the user’s requirements and assembled by hand. This enables us to adapt our systems to the exact conditions of the aircraft and helicopters used. In the development of our devices, we’re always looking for state-of-the-art solutions to enhance them."

Turning to the latest evolution of Hasselblad aerial equipment to carry out survey mapping for a 3D city model project, Henrik and his team used the AOS-H5 Oblique Camera System equipped with five Hasselblad A6D-100c cameras. Equipped with a powerful data acquisition system, image data is stored on five removable SSD hard drives, one on each camera. A standard five camera oblique imaging arrangement is used.

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Since the images are photogrammetrically evaluated in order to create three-dimensional city models, the quality of the lenses is highly important for this type of task,” says Henrik. "The lenses used on the AOS-H5 included four Hasselblad HC 2,2/100 Lenses and one Hasselblad HC 2,8/80 Lens. The images are tremendous thanks to the superior geometric and radiometric quality of these lenses." A 3D ground model is created from the processed image captures. This ground model, in combination with accurate GPS, can lead to detailed suggestions for city planning and the development of infrastructure projects.


Regarding the AOS-H5, equipped with the A6D-100c, in the aerial imaging field, Henrik says, "This oblique camera system will open up the market for more interested parties who want to invest in the best equipment that delivers high resolution and optimal image quality, all still at an attainable price."

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The latest evolution of Hasselblad aerial cameras