Hasselblad Heroines shines a light on female photographers around the globe as they make their mark in what has been typically referred to as a male-dominated industry. Through these spotlights, each Heroine shares their experiences, tips, and inspiration with their Hasselblad to fellow photographers.

Swee Oh

Swee Oh is an internationally acclaimed architecture photographer, originally from Malaysia and currently based in San Francisco, California. Her professional background in architecture combined with her artistic eye create stunning photographs that highlight the boldness of the buildings she captures. Swee's visual world is deeply influenced by how she uses light, form, shadows, and textures in her work. From traditional cityscapes to abstract breakdowns of skyscrapers, Swee Oh sees the city through a different lens.

"My background in architecture influences how I interpret a building through photography.  When I am designing I think of space, lines, volumes, positive/negative space, the experience when one moves around and through the building.  All of these intuitions help me to understand a building better, and enable me to reveal and highlight its essence in the images I produce."

Swee is the 2016 Hasselblad Master of the architecture category.

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