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Girls Sewn to Trees, 2014

Cooper & Gorfer

Cooper & Gorfer comprises the artists Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their work focuses on the female aspects of cultural identity. Based on the stories and lives of the women they meet and collaborate with, Cooper & Gorfer explore issues of memory, migration, dislocation, and the malleability of identity.

Cooper & Gorfer's art belongs to a narrative tradition within photography, with roots in 18th and 19th-century paintings. Their staged photographs hold a distinct reference to history, myths and cultural heritage.

Cooper & Gorfer have had several solo exhibitions, among others, at Fotografiska Stockholm, Hasselblad Center Gothenburg, Kulturhuset Stockholm, Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt and the National Museum of Photography Copenhagen. They have been awarded the German Photo Book Award 2018, and are Hasselblad Ambassadors.

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Utopia or The Mistake of the Intellect
Roseline With Raised Arms, 2018
Utopia or The Mistake of the Intellect
The Mountain, 2018

Tintin, Lisa, and the Key of Paper, 2016
Katarina in Blue, 2016

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