Hasselblad Heroines shines a light on female photographers around the globe as they make their mark in the photographic industry. Through these spotlights, each Heroine shares their experiences, tips, and inspiration to fellow photographers, encouraging them to bring their creative visions to life.

Chiara Zonca

Chiara Zonca is a fine art and landscape photographer who travels the world to capture its wild, natural beauty. Chiara made the change from the city life of London to Vancouver, BC to be closer to nature and better connect with her surroundings.

Taking her inspiration from a wide variety of media spanning books, paintings, and historical work, she allows for inspiration to come from unpredictable sources and meandering paths. In all these things, Chiara persists in challenging herself and developing her skillset, being mindful of the influence of the outside world on her art.

"Shutting down the external noise is the hardest thing for an artist as we’re constantly looking for approval. But it is important to be aware of why we create art in the first place."

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