Hasselblad Heroines shines a light on female photographers around the globe as they make their mark in the photographic industry. Through these spotlights, each Heroine shares their experiences, tips, and inspiration to fellow photographers, encouraging them to bring their creative visions to life.

Bára Prášilová

Bára Prášilová is a conceptual photographer, art director and director based in Prague.

Her surreal images balance on the edge of beauty and weirdness, in between real and fictional setups, originating from her sense of absurd humour and affinity for the lightness that helps her to cope with serious topics.

Instead of solely relying on post-production as to render a magical ambience, Bara works with real props and objects, which lend her subjects a rare authenticity. She meticulously plans all of her shoots in advance, and her detailed sketches, custom-made props and costumes are usually part of her exhibitions.

Recently, she has branched out into the world of moving images, creating videos based on her stills, which has created another outlet for her to build a new reality.

Bara was named Hasselblad Master in 2014 of the fashion/ beauty category.

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