Kamilla Hanapova


What made you become the photographer you are today?

I think it’s mainly due to my unconditional love of photography. From an early age I could not imagine doing anything else. And of course, everyday work and a willingness to experiment made me the photographer that I am now. I always said and still say that you need to try new things and not be afraid. The worst thing that any creative person can do to themselves is think that they know everything and that there’s nothing more to strive for.

What does the X System camera do for your photography?

The X System showed me what real quality and ease of use are. I know that I can rely on my camera and focus more on the creative tasks of shooting. This camera has become a completely new experience for me, which has changed my shooting process for the better. And what is very important specifically for me is the versatility of my camera in combination with a 45mm lens. I am a fashion, architecture and portrait photographer. These genres are very different and have their own specific approach. But I do not need to have a specific lens and camera for each task. I have my X System camera and 45mm lens to satisfy all my needs.

Tell us the story behind how you created your image.

In architectural photography, I trust my feelings in the moment; decisions come at the time of shooting. I only pre-select the area of the city where I will shoot – nothing more. This is a process in which I only rely on my vision, experience and condition at a given point in time. I took this image in Sochi, Russia.  Of course, this scene is not so bright in real life. I used Phocus to play with curves in order to get these green and pink colors. Honestly it used to be quite tricky to retouch images using this technique, as I did not have enough quality to work with, especially in dark areas; it had so much noise that I couldn't achieve the effect that I wanted. But with the X1D, it became easy! Even if I do a lot of post-production, I need a high-quality image from the beginning, or I won’t get optimal results.