Gianni Versace - the innovator of fashion

Gianni Versace, born in Reggio de Calabria (1947) shaped and transformed his generation like no other fashion design- er. Starting with his rst solo collection in 1978, he increas- ingly continued to in uence both the national and internation- al fashion scene and its admirers. As a post modernist master, he played with the deconstruction of forms and traditions creating a new and unique language of fashion and design that was bold, daring and ground breaking. His understanding of the mechanisms of the media made him the pop star of fashion of his time, becoming the epicenter of his brand’s ever expanding universe. Through his intensive collaboration with outstanding photographers, artists and musicians he turned fashion into pop culture, celebrating the birth and the meteoric rise of the Supermodel. The combination of his unbound creativity plus the freedom towards his own homo- sexuality and his celebration of the highly charged hedonism of his time led to his rise as the world’s rst fashion superstar. Though his his life was tragically cut short in July 1997 on the steps of his villa in Miami Beach, but his legend lives on as one of the most eye-catching, exciting and controversial fashion designers of all time.

The exhibition - what you see

On more than 1.500 square meters the exhibition presents an impressive selection of unique fashion pieces by Gianni Versace. Amongst them are several designs that have not been seen since their first presentation. The exhibition gives an impression of the diversity and complexity of his work exploring, his themes and influences: including Baroque, Pop Art, Miami, Bondage, and Theatre. All themes are presented through outstanding unique works and for the first time ever, includes a large overview of his spectacular male fashions. Also exclusively exhibited are 28 original designs by his close associate and illustrator Bruno Gianesi. The exhibition is supplemented by videos of his shows and his work including a rare video of his first show in 1978.

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