IKEA and Hasselblad introduce NORRHASSEL, a collection of eight selected images captured by photographers who all hold the prestigious title of Hasselblad Master. IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, teamed up with Hasselblad on a journey to democratise art, bringing world-class photography into the homes of those looking to add a unique touch to their interior.

These eight images, photographed by award-winning Hasselblad Masters Dmitry Ageev, Lars van de Goor, Hans Strand, Bára Prásilová, Ali Rajabi, Tom D. Jones and Joachim Schmeisser, range from stunning portraiture to sprawling landscapes to intimate nature and city scenes. The IKEA x Hasselblad limited edition photography collection seeks to share Hasselblad’s passion for photography with the world and offer a wider audience the opportunity to discover new art captured by Hasselblad photographers.

Find Norrhassel at your local IKEA Store at ikea.com

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