Cost estimates and fixed service prices

Standardised services carry a recommended fixed price (in Euros). These prices exclude VAT, transportation and customs charges and therefore may vary locally. For more information please contact your local distributor. The latest service price list can be downloaded here

You can find detailed descriptions of the repair procedures here

Cost estimates

Cost estimates are issued for all repairs where estimated cost is higher than the stated limit:

€ 700 (Camera backs and HxD cameras)
€ 400 (XPan, V System, H System body and lenses)
€ 500 (Scanners)

Cost estimates can be made on demand for lower cost amounts. Such estimates will be invoiced at € 85 each in addition to repair charges.

Hasselblad reserves the right to make adjustments or corrections due to errors, changing market conditions, product discontinuations or typographical errors.

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Exposure mode
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