Hasselblad Special CFV-50c Promotion

We are pleased to announce a fantastic CFV-50c promotion!

At a special discount offer of $9,995 you can bring your cherished V System cameras back to life!

The CFV-50c is bringing today’s technology to classic 500, 200 and 2000 series Hasselblad V System owners. A superb fusion blending the old with new, compatible with virtually all Hasselblad V System cameras produced since 1957.

The CFV-50c digital back exploits the medium format 50MP CMOS sensor that is a leap forward in digital imaging technology. It breaks new ground for photographers who will be able to shoot regardless of lighting conditions due to the high ISO settings that are capable high quality and remarkably little noise.

‘The new CFV-50c digital back has given me the chance to fall in love with Hasselblad all over again.’ Charlie Waite, Landscape Photographer.

‘The new CFV-50c digital back has given me the chance to fall in love with Hasselblad all over again.’ Charlie Waite, Landscape Photographer.

Like Hasselblad Ambassador Charlie Waite, he used classic Hasselblad cameras, including a 500C, 501CM and 503CX exclusively from 1979 right through to about 2005. The new digital back option gave him the chance not only to access ultimate image resolution but also to fall back in love with iconic Hasselblad again.

Adds Charlie: “The larger LCD screen, new menu system and button layout work perfectly for me and the environment I shoot in. I’m not a kit junkie so I just love the simplicity this new back affords me.”

Take advantage of this promotion and upgrade your camera to a modern 50MP CMOS sensor at an excellent price point!

The promotion is available for a limited time only so please contact your nearest dealer as soon as you can.

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*Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions including EDU.

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