H6D Trade-In Program

With our exclusive H6D trade-in program we are offering a generous allowance for existing Hasselblad users and those wishing to convert from other camera systems.




Model to be traded Cost $ Finance
H5D-50c/H5D-60 CCD 14,500 295/mo
H5D-50 CCD 15,500 312/mo
H5D-40 16,500 332/mo
H4D-60 15,500 312/mo
H4D-40/50 CCD 16,500 332/mo
H4D-31 18,100 364/mo
H3DX-XX 18,100 364/mo
H 16MP> 19,100 384/mo
H 16MP + H4X 18,100 364/mo
Competitor 30MP> 18,600 374/mo
Competitor 30MP> + H4X 17,600 354/mo



Model to be traded Cost $ Finance
H5D-50c/H5D-60 CCD 19,900 400/mo
H5D-50c/200c MS 19,900 400/mo
H5D-50 CCD 20,900 420/mo
H5D-40 22,400 450/mo
H4D-60 20,900 420/mo
H4D-40/50 CCD 22,400 450/mo
H4D-31 23,900 480/mo
H3DX-XX 23,900 480/mo
H 16MP> 24,900 500/mo
H 16MP + H4X 23,900 480/mo
Competitor 30MP> 24,500 493/mo
Competitor 30MP> + H4X 23,500 473/mo

For more information please contact your nearest dealer.

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H6D Trade-In Financing program

Program Highlights

  • Easy 1 page application
  • Reviewed within hours
  • Flexible payment plans
  • E-Docs to get your order placed the same day
  • Easy upgrade path

Monthly payments based on 60 month term, $1 Buyout. Valid in U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Assumes minimum 2 yrs in business. Financing provided by Madison Capital.

For more details visit or call 443-796.7344.


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