Masters 2018 Rules & Regulations

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Who can enter

The Hasselblad Masters Competition is open to all photographers who have been active professionals* for more than three years and who are using digital cameras of at least 16 Megapixel, by drone camera or film cameras, regardless of brand and format. The Project//21 category is open to all photographers under the age of 21.

No employee of Hasselblad, and their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, sales representatives, distributors, manufacturers, licensees or agents and their immediate family members, are eligible to participate in this Contest. All applicable federal, state, municipal, and local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited. Hasselblad will have the final say on entry eligibility.

* with the exception of the Project//21 and Aerial categories

How to enter

Admissions start 24th January 2017 and you have until 10th June 2017 to get your entries to us. Fill in the online entry form and then click on the “Upload your entry” link to submit the images. Only JPEG files smaller than ten (10) MB will be accepted. All files should include full EXIF/ Metadata. Each entry must consist of three (3) photos in each category that you wish to enter, and you’re allowed to enter as many categories as you like, with each entry judged on the three submitted images in that category. The three images do not have to form a set or series; just three images that fit the nature of the category and best showcase your skill and creativity.


There are 11 categories in the competition:

Aerial (New for 2018)

The aerial category is for photographs taken from an elevated position not supported by a ground-based structure. Evidence of conformity may be requested.


High-quality fine-art images that have been created by an individual to fulfil their creative vision.


Photographs that capture the beauty of the natural world in all its forms, from stunning landscapes through to perfectly executed images of flora and fauna.


This category is open to photographers capturing outstanding images of any aspect of a wedding in styles that range from the traditional through to the more individual approach.


A wide-open category that covers any photography of the human form, ranging from full-length studies through to head and shoulders and close-ups, with the emphasis on creativity.


The glitz and glamour of the fashion and beauty world is covered by this category, and we’re looking for some inventive and exciting work that truly reflects the dynamism of this sector.


Here the definition of product is as far ranging as the photographer wants to make it, with subjects ranging from cars through to food or packaging being equally eligible, while the brief could be a commercial one or self-set.


With every type of building from the grand through to the humble being open to photographers, we’re looking for an imaginative interpretation of the architectural theme.


A wide open category that covers all forms of wildlife, from the huge through to the tiny. Our only stipulation is that images depict living creatures and any entries showing stuffed or dead animals will be automatically excluded.


Project//21 is a general photographic category open to all amateur photographers, students, assistants and young professionals 21 years old and under on the 10th June 2017. Proof of age will be required.


The category here is the realism of the genre; not just gritty street photography, but also the city itself (and its life) and the people who live in it.


To meet the rules of the competition you need to upload three (3) images in each category you choose to participate in, and you can enter all of the 11 categories should you wish.

Your three (3) images will judged independently, although each candidate’s entire body of work may be considered for judging purposes, through the perusal of websites, links etc to access further images where desired. An entrant must hold all rights to the photographs submitted, including model releases, and any other rights associated with the shoot. All files should include full EXIF/Metadata. They must also grant Hasselblad the right to use the submitted images in Finalist exhibitions and online activities, which can include press articles, Hasselblad publications, VICTOR Magazine, Bulletin and website news.

The photographer must have authorisation to use any photos that have been previously published or are awaiting publication, Photos that violate or infringe upon another person’s copyright, are not eligible.

Submissions must be made digitally, regardless of capture form.

To be eligible, the submitted photos must be shot using either a Digital system, minimum of 16 MPixel, or they can be scanned 35mm, medium format or large format film.

Hasselblad retains the right to cancel any entered image or images that are in any way conflicting with Hasselblad’s aesthetic or ethical standards, including, but not limited to:

– Overly erotic or pornographic images;

– Religious images that may be perceived as offensive;

– Images that depict or convey children in an unseemly manner; – Shows violence, animal abuse, drug abuse, bomb making.

When entering the Awards, the entrant must agree to the Masters Programme rules and regulations.


Each of the category winners will be sponsored with Hasselblad camera equipment for a period of approximately four months. During this time the photographer can use the equipment at their discretion to create a set of images for a special Masters Commemorative book that will subsequently be published. All winning images will be published on the Hasselblad global website, will possibly be presented at exhibitions around the world, will possibly feature in Hasselblad advertising and Masters Partner’s promotions, and in the Hasselblad Masters Book Vol. 6. The book will be launched at photokina 2018 and the winners will be presented with a trophy.

Each of the 11 winners will also receive a high-end medium format Hasselblad camera to keep.

Hasselblad reserves the right to use all Masters images indefinitely across digital & print platforms and each usage will always credit the photographer appropriately.

Judges & Jury

Hasselblad Masters are carefully selected by three juries – the Hasselblad Internal Jury, the Hasselblad Public Jury and the Hasselblad Masters Jury.

Hasselblad Internal Jury

This jury consists of Hasselblad employees and selected third-party industry experts that are skilled photographers, or who work with photographers, photographs and photographic media, or work within the photographic industry. The task of this jury is to select the 110 Hasselblad Masters finalists (the top 10 in each category) through an internal voting system.

Hasselblad Public Jury

The Hasselblad Public Jury will identify a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place entry from each category. These selected entries will then score points towards the ‘Hasselblad Masters Jury’ vote, with the public jury therefore effectively acting as a ‘seat’ on the main jury. The Public Jury votes are placed using a rating system where each public individual can award 1, 2 or 3 stars to an image in each category. It is not possible to vote more than once on an image, and once the total of 6 allotted stars are used up, that image category is considered closed and the voter can move on to the next category. It is not mandatory to vote in all 11 categories. Individuals wishing to vote must have a login account for the Hasselblad website and be logged in, with accounts restricted to one set of votes in each category, so to eliminate multiple votes from the same individuals. Hasselblad reserves the right to overrule the public vote if it suspects foul play or an untrustworthy result.

Hasselblad Masters Jury

The Hasselblad Masters Jury features 24 (in addition to the public vote, making for a total of 25 member votes) of the industry’s most respected photographers, established editors and industry experts, along with previous winners of the Masters competition. Together they constitute the majority of the Masters votes, and use the same star rating system as the public jury. Once the Masters jury has completed their votes, the result of the public jury is added and the winners for each of the 11 categories are announced.

Terms of Participation in The Hasselblad Masters Programme

1. Background

1.1. Victor Hasselblad AB, a limited liability company, registered under the laws of Sweden (“Hasselblad”), domiciled Utvecklingsgatan 2, 41756 Göteborg, Sweden, launched and runs the Hasselblad Masters Awards.

1.2. The Photographer selects and provides Hasselblad with a number of images within eleven categories making up the Hasselblad Masters Awards.

1.3. Hasselblad has pre-selected the Photographer as a winner of one of the eleven categories covered by the Hasselblad Masters Awards and the Photographer will be announced as a Hasselblad Master, subject to the Photographer’s acceptance of the Terms.

2. Hasselblad Masters

2.1. Hasselblad will announce the Hasselblad Masters and will show their winning images on its website, by mail, by a worldwide press release, and in other Hasselblad Publications.

2.2. The Photographer is entitled to freely market him or herself as a Hasselblad Master. The Hasselblad Master title, however, may not be used by the Photographer – directly or indirectly – by any means in connection with the marketing of any form of products or service.

2.3. As a Hasselblad Master, you are representing Hasselblad as an ambassador of the Masters, and as such will in the period of 12 months following the awards presentation/book launch be required to attend up to four (4) Hasselblad, or Hasselblad sponsored, events at our request. Suitable notice will be given where possible, and any reasonable travel expenses covered, for such occasions.

2.4 The winning images, once announced as winning images, may not be used to enter any other photographic competitions without the prior written approval of Hasselblad.

3. Hasselblad Masters Book

3.1. Hasselblad will publish a high quality photo book (the “Hasselblad Master Book”) containing a special feature on each of the eleven Hasselblad Masters together with a selection of images to be taken by each of the Hasselblad Masters using a provided Hasselblad camera, cf. clause 3.2 (the “Book Images”).

3.2. For the purpose of taking the Book Images, Hasselblad will free of charge loan each Hasselblad Master a Hasselblad digital system. (The Equipment).

3.3. The Photographer shall provide Hasselblad with at least 10-20 (Themed) Book Images (taken using the Equipment) within the same category as the Photographer was awarded as a Hasselblad Master. The theme for the The Book Images need to be discussed and approved by Hasselblad, in advance of shooting. Apart from these requirements, the Photographer shall enjoy artistic freedom in respect of the Book Images. Hasselblad retains the right to cancel any image or images that are in any way conflicting with Hasselblad’s aesthetic or ethical standards, including, but not limited to:

– Overly erotic or pornographic images;

– Religious images that may be perceived as offensive;

– Images that depict or convey children in an unseemly manner; – Shows violence, animal abuse, drug abuse, bomb making.

3.4. If the Book Images are taken with cameras other than the Equipment provided by Hasselblad, the Photographer will be excluded from the Hasselblad Masters Awards and will lose any and all benefits from the program.

3.5. Hasselblad shall be free to determine in which ways, whether commercial or non commercial, it decides to market, distribute and/or sell the Hasselblad Book.

3.6. The Photographer will receive 5 free copies of the Hasselblad Book to be used at the Photographer’s discretion.

4. Masters Images

4.1. The Photographer shall agree to provide Hasselblad with one (1) image to be produced in conjunction with a marketing/advertising campaign to be defined at a later date. This image will be produced in accordance with a creative brief from the Hasselblad Marketing department and its Advertising Agency. A special project budget, to cover external costs (model, styling, etc.) will be arranged if so required. Hasselblad retains the right to refuse any image or images that are in any way conflicting with Hasselblad’s aesthetic or ethical standards, including, but not limited to:

– Overly erotic or pornographic images;

– Religious images that may be perceived as offensive;

– Images that depict or convey children in an unseemly manner; Shows violence, animal abuse, drug abuse, bomb making.

4.2. The Photographer shall provide Hasselblad with one (1) profile portrait to be used for marketing/advertising purposes. In addition, the Photographer agrees to pose for an additional portrait if Hasselblad so requires.

5. Masters Video

5.1. At Hasselblad’s request, the Photographer agrees to participate in a Masters Documentary video, which is to be used for promotional purposes. This video will either be produced by Hasselblad or the photographer at Hasselblad’s discretion. Production costs and editing will be covered by Hasselblad.

6. Grant of Rights

6.1. By providing Hasselblad with the Book Images, Masters Images, and Masters Video (hereafter referred to as “The Images”), the Photographer grants to Hasselblad the non- exclusive worldwide perpetual right and license (the “License”) to use said Images for any purpose that Hasselblad, at its sole discretion, sees fit.

6.2. The Photographer may not use or make public in any way any of the Images prior to the publishing of the Hasselblad Book and/or relevant campaign and for one month thereafter.

6.3. Without limiting the generality of clause 4.1, Hasselblad shall have the right of reproduction, the right of distribution in an unrestricted number and in every kind of appearance, the right of exhibition and the right to edit or retouch the Images.

6.4. It is understood that Hasselblad continues to develop its business and marketing activities and that the Images are part of Hasselblad’s means of developing and expanding these activities. It is therefore understood that the Images may be used in ways not yet contemplated by Hasselblad. It is also understood that the intensity with which the Images are used may possibly increase substantially due to future new ways of use.

6.5. Without limiting the generality of clause 4.1 and without creating any implied or express preconditions for the use of the Images, Hasselblad on the date hereof plans to use these images in the following ways:

– On Hasselblad’s website and online activities;

– In Hasselblad or Hasselblad partners’ newsletters published domestically and internationally;

– In calendars;

– In magazines;

– On posters;

– In brochures and/or in product catalogues, printed or digital;

– In slide shows and videos run at various events and exhibitions around the world;

– In exhibitions and as wall-decorations in Hasselblad’s offices;

– In all various forms of advertising;

– In the Hasselblad Book (the Book Images only) and

– In conjunction with marketing/advertising campaigns.

6.6. The License does not affect the Photographer’s proprietary copyrights over the Images unless otherwise specified in this Agreement.

6.7. Hasselblad undertakes to provide the Photographer with photo credits in all instances where the images are published.

6.8. Hasselblad shall be entitled to assign the License to use the images to any company associated with Hasselblad.

6.9. The Photographer may not use the images commercially (for sale, to endorse other brands or products, or through stock libraries) unless Hasselblad have given their prior written approval.

7. Warranties and Indemnifications

7.1. The Photographer represents and warrants, and shall be deemed to have renewed the representations and warranties on the date of delivery of the Images, that:

7.1.1. He/she has a good right to the legal and beneficial ownership of the Images;

7.1.2. He/she, from all third parties (if applicable), has obtained all permissions, consents (whether in the form of releases or otherwise) required in respect of the Images;

7.1.3. All of the Images are taken using only the Equipment (Hasselblad Digital system);

7.1.4. He/she is not bound by any restrictions towards any other manufacturer of photographic equipment which could conflict with the rights granted to Hasselblad under the Terms, including the undertaking by the Photographer to loan and use the Equipment; and that:

7.1.5. All Images provided to Hasselblad are taken by the Photographer himself/herself.

7.2. The Photographer agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified Hasselblad against all costs, expenses, liabilities, losses, damages, demands, legal costs and judgments resulting from or arising out of a breach of the Terms, including, in particular, the warranties contained in clause 7.1.

8. Infringements

8.1. If the Photographer becomes aware of any infringement pertaining to the Images, he she shall promptly notify Hasselblad and provide all details within his/her knowledge.

8.2. If any claim, law suit or demand is threatened or brought against Hasselblad, the Photographer shall provide all assistance requested by Hasselblad for the purpose of preparation for or defence of such action brought against Hasselblad.

8.3. Hasselblad shall have the right (but not obligation) to intervene on behalf of the Photographer and at its own cost defend against any claim or suit brought against the Photographer alleging an infringement in respect of the Images. The Photographer will pay all costs and damages finally awarded in any such suit.

9. Other rights and obligations

9.1. Other than as explicitly stated in the Terms of this Agreement, nothing herein shall confer on the Photographer any right or license to use any of the trade marks, logos or trade names of Hasselblad.

9.2. Hasselblad has invited the Photographer to participate in the Hasselblad Masters Programme, and the Photographer has agreed to adhere to the Terms under the express conditions that:

9.2.1. The Photographer shall conduct himself/herself with loyalty towards Hasselblad, its employees and officers, agents, partners and other collaborators; and that

9.2.2. The Photographer shall conduct himself/herself in accordance with the highest ethical standards and not become affiliated in any way with activities that may in the public opinion diminish the Photographer’s status as a respected ambassador of the photographic profession.

10. Termination 

10.1. Hasselblad may terminate the Photographer’s participation in Hasselblad Masters awards and Programme by notice in writing if the Photographer is in breach of the Terms and shall have failed (where the breach is capable of remedy) to remedy the breach within 10 days of the receipt of a request in writing from Hasselblad to remedy the breach.

10.2. If the Terms are terminated by either party (irrespective of cause), clauses 4, 5, 6 and 11.6 shall remain in force.

11. Miscellaneous

11.1. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the Terms shall supersede any written or oral agreements, representations, statements or understanding between the Photographer and Hasselblad relating to the Hasselblad Masters Awards, made prior to the date of adherence to the Terms.

11.2. Only those amendments and additions to the Terms that are made in writing and signed by the parties are valid.

11.3. Each party undertakes to keep the other party informed of their current address, telephone number, e-mail address and fax number (if any).

11.4. The Photographer agrees to execute such other documents that are reasonably requested by Hasselblad.

11.5. This document shall be executed by the Photographer in one original. If an executed copy of this document is received by Hasselblad by facsimile or in a scanned version sent by e-mail, such copy shall be deemed to be an original copy.

11.6. Hasselblad shall be entitled at any time to request that the Photographer produces evidence of his/her compliance with any of the provisions of the Terms, including (when applicable) copy of all permissions and/or consents (whether in the form of releases or otherwise) required in respect of the Book Images, see clause 7.1.2.

12. Governing law and dispute resolution

12.1. The construction, validity and performance of the Terms shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Sweden.

12.2. Any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with, the Terms, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall at the choice of the claimant be settled at court.

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