X System

The Hasselblad XCD lenses are some of the finest optics available on the market today. These lenses, which are all designed in Sweden, have all gone through a stringent development, testing and production process to ensure they satisfy the demands of high end mirrorless digital capture, and high resolution sensors.

XCD 3,5/30mm

The XCD 30mm lens is an extremely high performance and compact wide angle lens, providing a 71º horizontal angle of view. A unique feature is that the lens will keep the amazing performance even when shooting at close distance. The perfect companion to the XCD 45 and 90mm lenses.

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XCD 3,5/45mm

The XCD 45mm is the ideal standard lens for the X1D. Its moderate wide angle focal length provides a 35mm equivalent field of view, making it the perfect general purpose and travel lens.

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XCD 3,2/90mm

The XCD 90mm is the ideal portrait lens for the X1D. Its moderate telephoto focal length provides a 71mm equivalent field of view, making it the perfect portrait lens.

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The XCD 120mm is the ideal macro lens for the X1D. It is suitable for both close-up work and for portrait or other photography requiring a longer focal length.

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XH Lens Adapter

The XH Lens Adapter can be used to mount an HC or HCD lens onto an X1D. The XH adapter widens your X1D lens choices to include all 12 H-system HC/HCD lenses, and accessories including a macro converter and 3 extension tubes. The HC/HCD lens range includes a 24mm wide angle, 300mm telephoto and a 100mm f2.2 delivering ultra-thin depth of field and a beautiful smooth Bokeh.

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