Our Ambassadors

Charlie Waite


Charlie Waite is firmly established as one of the world’s most celebrated  landscape photographers. Having worked in the British theatre and in television for the first ten years of his professional life, Charlie became fascinated by theatrical lighting and design. Gradually, the landscape, and the way it can be revealed to us through light and shade, stole him away from the acting profession. 

He has now published 28 books on photography and has held over thirty solo exhibitions across Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia, including recent exhibitions in the gallery at the OXO Tower and the National Theatre, London.  His photographs are held in private and corporate collections around the world.  Since the early 80’s, he has always been associated with  the Hasselblad system.

His company, Light & Land, runs photographic tours, courses and workshops worldwide that are dedicated to inspiring photographers and improving their photography. This is achieved with the help of a select team of specialist photographic leaders, all at the very top in their field.

In 2007, he launched Take a view, a major photographic award to find the UK’s Landscape Photographer of the Year. This annual competition (now entering it’s 10th year) ties in perfectly with his desire to share his passion and appreciation of the beauty of our world. In 2013, he launched USA Landscape Photographer of the Year.


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