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Multi-Shot Digital Back

We are pleased to announce two digital backs from Hasselblad for those photographers looking for a technical camera capture solution. The Multi-Shot technology with CMOS sensor is available in 50 and 200 megapixel resolutions. This not only makes it more attractive for photographers wanting to get into the Hasselblad system, but also offers outstanding quality on technical cameras utilising the multi-shot technology to capture very high resolution images with no moiré interference.

Apart from regular 1-shot captures, the 50c MS sensor unit also offers 4-shot captures while the 200c MS unit offers 4 or 6-shot captures. Multi-shot captures are made of the same scene with the sensor offset very slightly for each shot. The resulting image shows ultimate color definition and eliminates unwanted moiré and artefacts. Both models produce undeniable and obvious improvements in technical quality in 4-shot mode while the 200c MS sensor unit raises the bar even further in 6-shot mode for special assignments.

  • Entry point to Multi-Shot technology and quality for those with existing equipment ( H5X or technical cameras).
  • No Moiré Interference patterns – MS images use real RGB data for images.
  • Access to high quality Rodenstock and Schneider large format lenses to complement the MS high quality capture.
  • With the larger image circles afforded by the technical camera lenses users have much more flexibility when using camera movements such as tilt and shift than would be available via the Hasselblad HTS1.5.
  • Will work as a complete camera system when attached to a Hasselblad H5X.
  • Single shot untethered use available using battery adaptor for field use.
Which large format camera systems can I use?

Connectivity is available with a wide range of large format cameras ( Alpa, Linhof, Silvestri, Sinar, Arca Swiss, Cambo etc). For single shot use, all that is required is a Hasselblad H mount adaptor plate for your chosen large format camera brand and a sync cable from the shutter to the digital back for triggering.

Do I need to use any particular lenses & shutter hardware?

To utilise the Multi Shot technology you will need to use an electronic shutter and controller (Rollei or Schneider systems).

Which shooting modes are available?

Depending on the Multi-Shot product, single and Multi Shot options are available. (50c MS; single and 4 shot, 200c Ms; single, 4 shot and 6 shot)
For Multi-Shot shooting the digital back must be tethered to a computer running Phocus software.

HxD Series compatibility

H5X, H5D and H4X are compatible. Please note that although the digital backs can be used on these camera bodies the systems will not be calibrated to align the back to the camera body to the same very high standard that would normally occur when a fully integrated camera body/back is purchased.

Are there any particular settings that need to be configured on the digital back for large format shooting

Depending on the electronic shutter system in use you will need to change the “Camera” setting in the menu to the setting recommended by the manufacturer. If no setting is specified, select Flash sync or Pinhole.

Can I use the digital back in the field?

Single shot untethered use is available using the optional battery adaptor kit ( Item Numbers: 3053310- battery holder, 3053314 MS adaptor plate & 1x 7.2v Sony NP-FL type battery or equivalent).

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