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The Hasselblad approach to quality is not limited to our cameras and lenses. Each one of the specially designed H accessories plays its part in producing the finest images possible. In true Hasselblad style, the accessory range is expanding to meet photographers’ needs and is destined to be the widest in the medium format world.

Macro Converter

The Macro Converter H is designed to improve the close range performance of wide angle H system lenses. It is primarily intended for use with the HC 50-II lens for optimum performance. The range produced is similar to the use of a 6.6 mm extension tube but the performance is noticeably improved. It features the same outstanding optical and mechanical quality as all other products in the Hasselblad HC/HCD lens system. All the glass-to-air surfaces have a multi-layer coating to reduce internal reflections and increase the efficiency of the optical system.

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Battery Grip Li-ion 2900

Rechargeable battery grip with a capacity of 2900mAh, compatible with H2D or later cameras. NB. A firmware update may be required for older cameras.

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Battery charger Li-ion 2900

The Battery charger Li-ion 2900 is designed for use with Battery grip Li-ion 2900. However, the Battery charger Li-ion 2900 can also be used together with the Battery grip rechargeable 7.2V Li-Ion intended for H4D use. Likewise, the older Battery charger for Li-Ion battery can also be used together with the Battery grip Li-ion 2900 but requires 50% longer charging times.

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HTS 1,5 tilt and shift adapter

The revolutionary HTS 1,5 is a tilt and shift adapter that can provide a pivotal step-up for many Hasselblad photographers. Designed for the HCD 24mm, HCD 28mm, HC 35mm, HC 50mm, HC 80mm and the HC 100mm lenses it, in effect, adds six different “tilt and shift lenses” to the range. With the extension tubes, H13, H26 or H52, the HTS 1,5 can also be used for close-up work. Especially in combination with the Macro Adapter that improves the close range performance with the HC 50mm-II lens. This simple device solves not only technical challenges, but also provides exciting opportunities for creative solutions as well. The combination of well- known optical principles combined with the latest in digital image control, provides a powerful package that will expand photographic expression to new levels.

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Extension Tubes H

Hasselblad H extension tubes are designed for use with HC lenses and enable them to focus at closer distances. The greater the extension, the greater the magnification of the image. The tubes can be used individually, in combination with each other or in com­bination with other accessories according to the application or desired effect. H extension tubes can only be used together with Hasselblad H cameras and HC lenses.

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CF Adapter

The CF lens adapter for the H-system allows photographers to use all Carl Zeiss C-type lenses from the V System on H cameras. Integral processors for data conversion bridge the two systems to access a number of the H display and lens-control functions.

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GIL GPS Adapter

The Hasselblad GIL provides automatic creation and storage of GPS information for all H System digital cameras. The data is tagged to each individual image file and can be read directly by Phocus. The unit requires no extra external battery or power source and works seamlessly in the background for ease of use.

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HVM Viewfinder

A new waist level viewfinder for the H system cameras, providing the same convenient viewing angle that has been available for the V system. The bright and large viewfinder image is ideal for creative composing. The photographer can maintain eye contact with the model and full impact from shooting at a lower point than eye-level can be creatively used.

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H Battery Adapter

The new Battery Adapter for H5D and H4D-60 cameras can be used to power a sensor unit in situations where power is not available through FireWire. This is especially useful when using a sensor unit on a technical camera on location.

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Converter H 1.7x

The Converter H 1.7x increases the focal length of a lens by a factor of 1.7x. It features the same outstanding optical and mechanical quality as the elements in the Hasselblad H-lens series.

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Tripod Quick Coupling H

Mounted on a tripod, this accessory facilitates rapid attachment and removal of the camera. The camera is firmly held in an exact and repeatable position. Two integrated spirit levels make horizontal positioning of the camera easy. The Tripod quick-coupling H fits 1/4” and 3/8” tripod threads and has a safety catch. Fits all H System cameras and virtually all V System Cameras. X System cameras can be mounted by using the Quick-Coupling Plate (3045152).

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Hasselblad X Sandqvist Backpack

Camera backpack in Cordura® with leather details, designed in collaboration with Sandqvist.

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Hasselblad X Sandqvist Messenger Bag

Camera bag in Cordura® with leather details.

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Hasselblad X Sandqvist Tote Bag

Tote bag in soft leather in collaboration with Sandqvist.

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