shootSIN - Live Shoots


These are the Live Shoots already confirmed for the event.

Themes include:

  • Cosplay Characters
  • Wedding Glamour
  • BMX Tricksters
  • Dancers


29th & 30th April: Sails Chong

Sails Chong is China’s top wedding photographer and a Hasselblad ambassador. Coming from an academic background of Japanese Studies and Fine Arts, he is famous for his wedding vogue photography where he creates surrealistic imagery of the modern bride set against backdrop of visually stunning Chinese aesthetics or breathtaking landscape.

Learn more about Sails Chong.

29th & 30th April: Ukay Cheung

Ukay from Singapore, won his first major award in 2008 when the Master Photographers Association (UK) conferred him the title of Singapore Master Photographer of the Year 2008. He has gone on to win many more accolades in the international photography arena. As a fashion and advertising photographer, Ukay has worked on a wide range of projects with international fashion brands, magazines, and clients from all over Asia and Europe.

Learn more about Ukay Cheung


30th April: Kevin Then

Kevin Then from Malaysia, has multiple awards under his belt, including the prestigious Hasselblad Masters 2008. He specialises in pre-wedding and wedding day photography. Known for making his couples look like stars, Then explains, “A wedding photo shouldn’t be just traditional with the bride just standing around wearing a wedding gown. My style is to make it more dramatic, more romantic. Like a movie director, I want the picture a certain way, with everything perfect – the dress, veil, face, makeup, hairstyle. This picture will be with the couples their whole lives.”

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