shootGOT - Live Shoots


The main hub of shootGOT will be live shoots and seminars covering a wide range of photographic genres that encourage interaction and engagement. With an open plan layout, you can wander from one live shoot to the next, interacting along the way with plenty of hands-on opportunities.

Here are some of the Live Shoots already confirmed for the event, and other Live Shoots will be added as they are confirmed.

Hasselblad CFV-50c Fashion Shoot with Lars Wallin

Over the last 25 years, Swedish designer Lars Wallin has created unique garments for royalty, artists and other prominent clients from all over the world. Craftsmanship and perfection are essential to every design, from the choice of materials to the production methods. It encapsulates Lars’s vision and philosophy of timeless elegance, beautiful harmony and attention to detail.

At shootGOT, you will have the opportunity to meet Lars Wallin and capture his designs with the Hasselblad CFV-50c digital back, which breathes new life into Hasselblad’s iconic V-System camera bodies and is compatible with the majority of V-System cameras dating back as far as the 1950’s.

Get your hands on the revolutionary new digital back and reignite your love for the classic V-System camera with this specially themed shoot that celebrates old meeting new.


Hasselblad Multi-Shot 200 MP – Volvo Cars XC90 Product Shoot

Good design is a way of life in Sweden, not a luxury. Volvo starts by figuring out what people need and what will make their lives easier. The new Volvo XC90 redefines the luxury SUV starting from the inside out, finding elegant solutions to complex problems.

See the difference with a Hasselblad Multi-Shot camera capturing Volvo’s latest XC90 in a still-life shoot. Our unique Multi-Shot technology, available in 50 and 200 megapixel resolutions, provides the ultimate in still subject capture.

Learn how Hasselblad’s Multi-Shot feature works by getting hands-on with the kit and experiencing all the amazing detail yourself.

Hasselblad H5D-50c – Action Shoot with
Dancers Taught by Thomas Adriaan Morel

Dancing is a beautiful way to express creativity. Dance photography presents unique challenges, from highly technical aspects of photography to ensuring the correct techniques and lines are represented in the dancers, all whilst creating images that are works of art.Capture dancers in action with a Hasselblad H5D-50c in extraordinary detail and incredible image quality.

Get your hands on one of the world’s best cameras and experience the difference.

DJI Inspire 1 Pro – Flight Demos

These demos will allow you to have first-hand experience with the latest camera drone technologies. They will cover the basics of flight and showcase the possibilities of aerial photography.

Hasselblad Masters 2016 – Photo Exhibition

See the winning images from Hasselblad Masters 2016, presented for the first time.

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