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Cost estimates and fixed service prices

Clarity. Here you find information on how Hasselblad handles cost estimates and a list of repairs which have a fixed price.

Please note that all prices quoted are excluding VAT.

Fixed price repairs

The prices quoted are in Euro and are Hasselblads recommended sales prices. The prices exclude VAT, transportation- and customs costs, and may vary locally due to this. Ask the Hasselblad Business Partner you normally use.

PLEASE NOTE that Hasselblad does not offer cost estimates for service which is covered by a fixed price repair, except if more than one fixed price repair needs to be done AND the sum of the fixed prices exceeds EUR 700.

You find details on each type of repair under "Repair Descriptions".

 Fixed price repairs for digital backs and HxD           Price in Euro  
 CCD cleaning and calibration 326,-
 CCD cleaning and calibration 60MP 431,-
 DSP board exchange, 22/31/39 MP 1.029,-
 DSP board exchange, 40/50/60 MP 1.355,-
 Image Bank II PCB repair 536,-
 Link board replacement HxD 651,-
 No failure found (NFF) 147,-
 Piezo calibration, multishot 431,-
 Piezo exchange, multishot 1.512,-













Please note that all the listed repairs in the above list are done in the Hasselblad factory only. Depending of your location, you need to allow for a smaller or larger amount of days for transportation and customs clearance on top of the in-factory repair time. Inside the European Union transportation normally amounts to 1-2 days each way.

Cost estimates

Hasselblad does not do cost estimates for service which cost less than:

700 EUR (Camera backs and HxD cameras)

400 EUR (XPan, V System, H System body and lenses)

500 EUR (Scanners)

Hasselblad applies a 135 EUR charge for cost estimates requested despite the above mentioned limits. The charge will be credited if the estimate is accepted. 

 Fixed price repairs for H System including HxD                       Price in Euro  
 AF calibration (factory service only) 180,-
 Auxiliary shutter replacement (factory service only) 325,-*
 Auxiliary shutter drive unit replacement 395,-
 Body contact replacement 225,-
 Exposure button replacement 50,-
 Exposure unit replacement; HCD28, HC35, HC50, HC80 395,-
 Exposure unit replacement; HC100, HC120, HC50-110  525,-
 Exposure unit replacement; HC150, HC210, HC300  595,-
 Eye cup replacement 50,-
 Focus mechanism overhaul125 ,-
 Grip refurbishment 295,-
 Main board replacement (factory service only) 375,-*
 Mirror drive unit replacement 375,-












*Note: This price includes an AF calibration. May appear as 2 separate lines on the invoice, but the sum will be as listed.

Please note that all the listed repairs in the above list (excluding those specificly marked "factory service only") are done in all Hasselblad Certified service workshops aound the globe.


Hasselblad reserves the right to make adjustments or corrections due to errors, changing market conditions, product discontinuations or typographical errors.