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About scanner service

Hasselblad has authorized a Business Partner in most countries to perform service and support on the Imacon and Hasselblad Flextight scanner lines.

When you need to have your scanner serviced, we suggest you to contact the scanner partner who originally sold the scanner to you.

Hasselblad Scanner Partners are able to perform most repairs. Though, certain repairs have to be performed in the factory service workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The factory service workshop strives to do the repairs in a swift and reliable way, and you will be asked for approval to continue the repair if the cost is estimated to exceed EUR 500,-.

The target turnaround time for scanner repairs in the factory service workshop is 5 working days + transportation to- and return from Sweden.

Preventive Maintenance 

Please note that your Flextight scanner needs regular preventive maintenance to stay reliable. You will be notified via FlexColor when preventive maintenance is due.