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Factory Warranty

Hasselblad Business Partners will provide the minimum of a twelve month warranty to end-users (subject to their normal statutory rights) on new Hasselblad equipment sold, valid from the date that the equipment is purchased by the first end-user.


For H System camera bodies, film backs and lenses the warranty will be limited to the warranty period provided by the partner or to 100,000 exposures, whichever is reached first.


- Warranty claims must be made through the dealer and/or company where the product was originally purchased, and not directly to Hasselblad (unless purchased directly with a Hasselblad subsidiary). The factory warranty is NOT international, and warranty claims cannot be made through other channels. This is also valid for equipment purchased outside the country of residence.

- Physical damage to the CCD sensor (scratches, chipping, unauthorized polishing) is not covered by factory warranty.

- Cleaning of dust from the CCD sensor is not covered by factory warranty.

- Preventive maintenance for scanners must be performed locally, according to the factory preventive maintenance programme.

- Failure to comply with the preventive maintenance recommendations voids the factory warranty.

Need a more comprehensive warranty ?

Please refer to the "Add-on Services" section.