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V System.

* V System Discontinued
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For over half a century now Hasselblad has been proud to offer the world’s most comprehensive system for medium format photography. The basic idea behind our system - combining a love of photography with a mastery of technology – is as valid today as it was in 1948 when the first Hasselblad camera was introduced. And we intend to keep it that way.

Timeless Tools

The V System, with its basic square format, battery independent operation, and classic, compact design, features central lens shutters as well as flexibility regarding winder use or not. The system lends itself to a wide variety of photographic applications on or off tripod, in studio or on location, under controlled lighting conditions. The V System is ideal for photographers who demand ultimate reliability and control. The V System’s popularity as a studio digital platform is unrivalled in the medium format world and all V System cameras and accessories are based on the same unique modular design, enabling an unsurpassed level of compatibility within the system. Almost every V System accessory will fit every camera, regardless of model and age. This allows you to upgrade your equipment as you see fit or as new products are released. The addition of a high-end 16 megapixel back with a sensor that is 50% larger sensor than full frame 35mm DSLRs – aesthetically integrated with the rest of the camera – turns this classic camera into a digital workhorse. Your Hasselblad will never go out of date.

Quality and Versatility – Year In and Year Out

The platform of our V System is the 503CW camera model, the modern version of the classic mechanical, lens shutter Hasselblad camera models, and an extensive range of interchangeable lenses and accessories allowing you to select exactly the equipment best suited for each specific photographic situation.

Your turn

Today’s Hasselblad V System is a result of fifty years of searching for practical solutions that lead to improving the quality of the final image - the ultimate goal for the discerning photographer. Over fifty years of listening to feedback from |professionals in the field, of researching, testing and developing materials, processes, designs and ideas. Of refining techniques and making improvements however small because that is the Hasselblad philosophy: only the very best is considered. And it is this enormous legacy that you stand to inherit when you become a Hasselblad owner, just as thousands of other top flight photographers around the world have chosen to do. They took this wise choice not only because of the wealth of unique knowledge and experience but also the consequential unrivalled potential that is inherent in the system - a potential that is now waiting for you to exploit to the full!